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10 Must-Try Main Dishes in Poland for Foodies – The main meal is the dish most looked forward to when going to a restaurant. The main dish also impressed the restaurant visitors. Poland is the most interesting country to visit when the holidays arrive. Because this country is famous for its amazing tourist spots. Especially with the cities that store a lot of various things. Among them are the friendly residents, then the delicious typical food, and many more. Apart from that, Poland is also the country that attracts the most attention from foreign tourists from various countries. Therefore, we hereby provide interesting things about the main food found in this country. Which has been summarized in the 10 Must-Try Main Course Dishes in Poland for Foodies. Let’s discuss it!

  1. Zurek

Zurek Polish Soup

The first main dishes in Poland are zurek. Zurek is a main course that is very distinctive in taste. With a distinctive taste of this dish lies in the uniqueness of its presentation. Because the presentation of this main dish is very unique and makes people curious. If you are one of those who are curious about this main dish, try going on vacation to Poland. Moreover, Zurek always gives the best impression when tourists are visiting this country.

Especially with fillings such as potatoes, cabbage, and carrots which are vegetables that are very attached to this dish. It’s not just the vegetables that are found in the zurek filling, pork or beef is the most important thing in the filling. Then it is cooked with a thick sauce which will create a delicious taste. You must try this main dish while it’s warm, because when it’s warm it will shake your tongue.

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  1. Kotlet Schabowy

Kotlet Schabowy Main Dish

Polish food will not go far with the meat menu. Because you will be greeted with an assortment of processed meat menus. Schabowy kotlet is one menu that doesn’t go far with meat. The meat used to make this dish is beef from local farms. That way it will produce quality food that is very delicious. Moreover, spices are also included in the cooking ingredients to make schabowy kotlet.

Meanwhile, what foodies are most looking forward to is the accompanying drink that is suitable for eating this dish. And the perfect companion drink to eat with the schabowy kotlet is kompet. Kompet can also be used as a dessert that is right for you to eat as a main course. Therefore, find the highest-rated restaurant on the internet and then visit Poland.

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  1. Zapiekanki

Zapiekanki Sandwich

The next main dishes in Poland are zapiekanki. Zapiekanki can be a light meal or a heavy meal when eaten. Because with its characteristics that resemble pizza from Italy. Maybe foodies will also be curious about this appetizing dish. It is undeniable that Poland always makes people not want to go home. What’s more, these ready-made zapiekanki will make you never want to return to this country. Meanwhile, in terms of presentation, this dish is quite simple, like pizza, but has a long shape. Then in the middle is filled with minced meat or smoked meat to add to the delicacy of the zapiekanki. What’s more, you can also ask to add vegetables and melted cheese on top. It is also each individual’s taste to eat zapiekanki.

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  1. Kielbasa


Coarse-sliced meat or thinly sliced meat is some people’s taste in eating dishes. Kielbasa is one dish that might make you choose the cutlet. Of our own like the type of coarse cutlets. Because the coarse meat contained in kielbasa is ready to fill the space in your mouth. So from that, it is also the thing that we like the most in eating dishes. Polish dishes in particular are dishes that are best eaten with coarsely sliced types of meat.

Meanwhile, the spices used to make this dish are not far from spices. Because spices will also produce a delicious taste in every dish. And in fact, in every major celebration or festival in this country, kielbasa will always be there to enliven it. So, you don’t have to worry about how to find a dish like this pizza.

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  1. Placki Ziemniaczane

Placki Ziemniaczane

The next main dishes in Poland is placki ziemniaczane. Shredded potatoes and then combined with eggs, spices, and flour will produce a delicious taste. Yes, this placki ziemniaczane will make you go crazy the first time you taste it. The process of making this dish by frying, the resulting frying will get an authentic taste. Besides that, you can also add the types of sauces that have been provided to eat this dish. Starting with cheese sauce, meat sauce, to butter sauce this country provides for you. That way you will also have this dish as a heavy meal menu. And not only heavy, Polish people often make this dish a main dish.

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  1. Bigos

Bigos Traditional Main Dish

Poland is a European country that has a food menu that is rich in spices. One of the food menus is bigos which is rich in spices. The spices used usually include nutmeg, cinnamon, and black pepper. Then cooked together with fresh vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and cabbage. Basically, bigos itself also has meat fillings including turkey, pork, and beef. And a side dish for bigos is french fries or whole grain bread. It is the custom of the Polish people to eat this main dish. Moreover, bigos is the most popular main dish, and tourists visiting Poland will want to eat this dish. So from that, you definitely also really want to eat this one main dish. That way your vacation in this country will be complete if you eat bigos.

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  1. Grillowany Oscypek

Grillowany Oscypek

The next main dishes in Poland is grillowany oscypek. The process of making this main food menu is like making cheese. Which uses the main ingredient of cow’s milk or sheep’s milk which is burned until it looks like cheese. The burning process creates a savory and crunchy taste. Then for the presentation, the oscypek grillowany is accompanied by lettuce and grated carrots. Besides that, you can also make this food menu as a snack or side dish. However, there are also Polish people who make this food their main menu. From our own love this food as a snack or casual meal. In addition, finding this food is very easy, because some traditional markets or cheese shops in Poland provide it.

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  1. Golabki

Golabki Cabbage Rolls

In winter, this one dish will be hunted by Polish people or tourists who are on vacation. Sheets of pork or beef are the main attraction for some Polish people to eat golabki. Then the sheet of meat is covered with cabbage. In terms of the cooking process by roasting it will produce a taste of appetizing burning smoke. Meanwhile, the accompanying sauce for golabki usually uses tomato sauce. Because the savory taste is perfect when combined with the sour taste of tomato sauce. Which is where the taste of golabki will produce an extraordinarily delicious taste. In addition, the fact is that Polish people often make this dish a menu that has a long expiration date. Therefore, you can make golabki as souvenirs for a heavy meal menu.

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  1. Golonka Pieczona

Golonka Pieczona

The next main dishes in Poland is golonka pieczona. Celebrations or holidays are not complete without serving a very distinctive food menu. Polish people often serve golonka pieczona as such. Because the taste of the heavy food menu really can’t be missed at all when the day of the celebration arrives. In terms of the taste of the soft pork, it makes golonka pieczona attractive to some foodies. And for the pork that is used to make this dish is part of the pork thigh. However, some Polish people also have another alternative, namely using beef thighs. Which tastes not much delicious from pork thighs. The pork thigh meat is grilled or grilled to produce a delicious taste.

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  1. Chlodnik

Chlodnik Soup

The last main dishes in Poland is chlodnik. Green bean soup if it can be processed as a food menu produces a very delicious taste. This Polish green bean soup has different characteristics than the others. Dear you, this one soup has ingredients that are easy to find in the market. The ingredients for making this soup include carrots, cabbage, and lettuce. Then this soup is also added eggs and cottage cheese as a source of protein in it. With so complete list of main foods from this country. Therefore, pack up and then schedule a vacation to Poland.

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Thus our discussion of 10 Must-Try Main Dishes in Poland for Foodies. From the list above, of course, you might have glanced at which dishes you will try later. With this also your exploration in this country should not stop a main meal. Because desserts and popular drinks in this country you must try. The popularity of drinks in this country contains a lot of alcoholic. If you are not so keen on that subject it’s the desserts that might interest you. Hopefully, we are very sure that Poland is the next country to visit and explore. Which we said earlier, this country has a variety that you must try for yourself. Enjoy your dish!

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