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Enjoy Your Journey with 10 Best Destinations in Krakow, Poland – Exploring a holiday is incomplete if you don’t visit tourist destinations. Krakow is a Polish city that will fill your holiday to the fullest. Also, of course, enjoying a vacation in this country you will get many things. Starting from visiting tourist destinations, eating typical dishes, or visiting some historical sites. Because Poland is a country that is in great demand by tourists from all over the world. Maybe you are one of those things who really want to visit several tourist destinations. Moreover, here we have prepared several lists of the best tourist destinations in Krakow. Therefore, we have summarized this in Enjoy Your Journey with 10 Best Destinations in Krakow, Poland. Let’s discuss it!

  1. Historical Museum of Krakow

Historical Museum of Krakow
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The first best destinations in Krakow is the Historical Museum of Krakow. A safe place to put important historical documents or archives is a museum. Because the museum at the present time is equipped with tight security. One of the museums in Poland that has tight security is the Historical Museum of Krakow. Which is where to secure an important artifact from the magnificent Baroque Palace. Moreover, this place stores several important artifacts and documents from the palace. The things stored in this museum include paintings, photographs of works of art, and old maps that make some people amazed when they first see them. Therefore, this place is often a tourist destination for historians or foreign tourists. And from this, you can also see how and what things are in the Historical Museum of Krakow.

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  1. Kosciuszko Mound

Kosciuszko Mound
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The early 18th century was the beginning of the revolutionary movement of mankind. Which is where sophisticated tools have begun to be created. One form that is seen today is the development of architecture. Kosciuszko Mound is clear evidence of the human image of that period. Because in this place he made a large hill surrounded by a strong fortress. And this place is also one of the symbols of the struggle during Poland’s war with Russia in that century. Meanwhile, in the present time, this place is a cultural heritage that continues to be maintained in this country. In addition, when you visit the Kosciuszko Mound, at the top of this place you will see a wide expanse of the entire city of Krakow beautifully. Therefore, foreign tourists are very happy when visiting this place.

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  1. Vistula River

Vistula River
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The next best destinations in Krakow is the Vistula River. This place is often the focus of foreign tourists for a quiet and comfortable place. A bobbing boat cafe in this river area offers several things for you to sample. As well as typical drinks and of course typical Polish food. Where your tongue will be spoiled with a special dish of bobbing boat cafes. Dining on the water in the middle of Krakow is a new experience for you, of course. Meanwhile, when you are done with bobbing boat cafes, you can continue your journey on the Vistula River. The Vistula River has a variety of relaxing activities that you must do later. Like taking a walk along the river, looking at the beauty of the city’s charm with the river, and renting a bicycle if you don’t want to be too tired.

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  1. Planty Park

Planty Park
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City parks decorated with dense trees are one of the attractions for tourists. If you are interested in this city park, you must first visit Krakow. In this city, there is a city park that people often call Planty Park. Planty Park is the largest park in the city. And this place used to be a former city wall in the Middle Ages. Besides that, many people often know about city park activities, namely relaxing. When you relax in this garden you will be offered a fountain, beautiful flowers, and of course dense trees. If you have explored this place further, surely you will find a monument. The monument is a figure in this country namely Copernicus and King Wladyslaw II Jagiello.

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  1. The Dragon’s Den

The Dragon's Den
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The next best destinations in Krakow is The Dragon’s Den. Going on vacation to the dragon’s lair is a unique thing to do. Poland, especially in the city of Krakow, there is a dragon nest tourist destination. The Dragon’s Den is the legendary dragon Smok Wawelski who lives in this mound. This dragon nest mound is the lower part of the magnificent Wawel Castle. Thanks to this mound, Krakow is often a unique and fun tourist destination. When you enter the mound you will be amazed at how the dragon is nestled in this narrow space. In addition, if you explore this place further you will find an epic dragon statue. This epic dragon statue is like a dragon’s style when it attacks its enemy with bursts of fire.

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  1. Ojcow National Park

Ojcow National Park Krakow
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Forest valleys often sound scary. Ojcow National Park is different from that. Because when you first come to this place you will be greeted with a path with deep caves. Then, the ruins in this national park area are the pride of this country. When the holiday season arrives, this place is often the main destination for the city of Krakow. Because the search for this place lasted long enough. So, you have to give up one day of your vacation to explore Ojcow National Park.

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  1. Unitarg Hala Targowa

Unitarg Hala Targowa
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The next best destinations in Krakow is Unitarg Hala Targowa. Traditional markets are human activities to buy and sell goods and basic needs. However, this market is different from the others. If you are looking for used goods and are still worthy, this is a place you must visit. And on weekends this place is very crowded with visitors. Visitors to this place are very diverse, from local people, and European tourists, to foreign tourists who are curious about this place. What’s more, what’s interesting about this place is that the hospitality of its people is very heartwarming. And don’t get me wrong if you can also haggle for your target item later when you visit the Unitarg Market Hall.

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  1. Eagle Pharmacy Museum

Eagle Pharmacy Museum
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At the present time, medicine is a must for mankind. One of the concrete proofs that medicine is important is the establishment of the Eagle Pharmacy Museum. The fact is that this place used to be a dispensary during World War II. However, after that happened this place was turned into an amazing museum. Because this place was once used to take shelter, offer medicine, to share food. The history of this place is very interesting to explore. With this, you will also know, when visiting this place you will get historical knowledge about this event.

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  1. Kazimierz

Kazimierz District
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The next best destinations in Krakow is Kazimierz. This place is a Jewish district that offers you a vacation. Of course, Kazimierz is also famous for the friendliness of its people. With this, you will also easily find a welcome from tourists from several people in this district. In fact, this place had experienced a historical incident that had to be changed and became the city of Krakow. The activities offered by this place are strolling through the historic old town, enjoying the atmosphere of the Vistula River, and many more. In addition, you don’t have to worry about food and drink supplies. In the Kazimierz area, there are bars, restaurants, and food stalls. Which is where you will shake your tongue and feel the full vacation in Kazimierz.

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  1. Polish Aviation Museum

Polish Aviation Museum
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The last best destinations in Krakow is the Polish Aviation Museum. This last destination will end the discussion of the best places in Krakow. Polish Aviation Museum is the best museum and place for you to visit in this city. And many tourists and especially historians, this place is the best destination during their visit. Because in this museum you will find great war vehicles. War vehicles in this place such as fighter jets, helicopters, and bombers are also in this place. When you visit the Polish Aviation Museum, it will spend your vacation time. So, schedule your time to visit this place for a full day and of course explore more about war vehicles.

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Thus our discussion Enjoy Your Journey with 10 Best Destinations in Krakow, Poland. Choosing the best tourist destinations in European countries is very varied. Especially Krakow, Poland-which we have mentioned earlier, so that you can convince yourself to visit here. The more you believe that this country is worth visiting and exploring, the more extraordinary impressions you will get. Moreover, the impressions you get in this city also provide memorable things in your life. Therefore, we hope that from the list of tourist destinations in Krakow, immediately prepare your plane tickets and luggage. Have nice your holidays!

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