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11 Delicious Polish Desserts You Must Try on Vacation

Foodntravelling.com – Culinary is the main attraction in every tourist destination in a certain place. If you are a fan of various culinary delights, then you are also looking for delicious food from the main course to dessert. Therefore, you might as well look for culinary delights on your next trip. Several countries have a variety of different cultures that are always related to food. Especially the delicious Polish desserts you shouldn’t miss at all.

The variety of desserts in this country is very interesting to taste. Poland has a culinary culture that is almost the same as other European nations. However, in Poland, you will not find their typical desert food that is different from the others. Therefore, below are the lists that have been summarized in 11 Delicious Polish Desserts You Must Try on Vacation. Let’s discuss it!


  1. Paczki

Paczki Specialty Poland Doughnuts

The first delicious Polish desserts is paczki. For those of you fans of sweet foods made with a round shape and a hole in the middle, you will definitely like this dessert. This dessert is called Paczki or what Polish people call donuts. They usually eat this food after a heavy meal on certain festival days. Poland has its own day for eating fatty things and has a large caloric intake. Besides that, Paczki is a food that is almost the same as a donut. However, the shape of the food is what distinguishes it from donuts.

However, if you look deeper they are all almost similar but different. What makes Paczki different is that it doesn’t have a hole in the middle. This is because of the holes that should have been filled with jam or some typical Polish fillings such as plums. In addition, this food is also given a sprinkling of powdered sugar to beautify and make the paczki delicious. If you are curious you can buy it at the nearest cafe or bakery throughout Poland.

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  1. Kremowka

Kremowka Cream Cake

If you study the history of culinary in Poland then you are not familiar with this one dessert. This dessert is called Kremowka which is historic as well as delicious. Europeans usually equate this cake with a cream pie. This is because this food is also shaped like a cream pie that is circulating in other countries. But it’s not Poland that doesn’t have variety in their food. If you take a closer look you will find that this Kremowka is different from the usual cream pie.

In fact, the Kremowka has a history that cannot be separated from the history of the Polish Empire. Apart from that, cream pie and kramowka are very different. This difference is found in the cream used in the dough. Kremowka puts forward a cream that is made directly by hand rather than whipped cream. This is what distinguishes a cream pie from a kramowka. If you are curious about what it tastes like, you can try it yourself at the bakery or restaurants in Poland, which are widely available.

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  1. Szarlotka

Szarlotka Apple Pie

The next delicious Polish desserts is szarlotka. Dessert in the form of sweets also has a creamy taste even though it is fresh, it will make your dessert very valuable. The following dessert is called Szarlotka which is mostly served in luxury restaurants. However, you don’t need to worry about not being able to taste it, because this food is also sold in bakeries in Poland. If you are curious about the taste, you can imagine that this food is apple pie. Because this food is very similar to apple pie. In addition, because the apple orchards in Poland are abundant with crops. Then the delicacy of these apples is immediately used to become delicious food.

One such delicacy is szarlotka. This food has been in Poland for a long time when the kingdom still ruled Poland. People usually make this dessert themselves by taking advantage of the abundant apples in Poland. However, day by day, the existence of szarlotka is starting to get modified by adding toppings such as ice cream to chocolate to make szarlotka delicious.

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  1. Ciasto Drozdzowe

Ciasto Drozdzowe

Polish desserts will never disappoint you when you eat them. This dessert has the name ciasto drozdzowe which is so amazing like a birthday cake. Indeed, at first glance, this bread has the same character as the usual birthday cake. However, this dessert is different from a birthday cake, even very different. This dessert is made mostly of dough with yeast to raise the food. The taste of yeast is what makes this dessert highly anticipated by its fans.

Not only that, but Polish people also often look forward to the presence of this one dessert. Interesting facts behind this one dessert will make you love Polish culture even more. This delicious dessert is mostly consumed by farmers who often herd their livestock in the morning or for breakfast. However, it is more precisely eaten at dessert at dinner. Or you can consume this food together with hot chocolate or a glass of wine.

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  1. Babka

Babka Cheese

The next delicious Polish desserts is babka. There is a unique history or culture in naming this dessert. The name of this dessert is Babka which means grandmother or old woman. It can be seen that in Poland it is customary for grandmothers to cook bread for their grandchildren or for their children when they return home. This is what can get insight from dessert connoisseurs. Only through the name of a food, can be interpreted as a deep value contained in it. Besides that, this dessert has a shape like bread or a cake, crispy on the outside but soft on the inside.

Besides that, you can see that the chocolate dough adorns the golden colors of the Babka dough. Then inside you can find that the softness of the dough is so white and textured like soft. If you like sweets a lot you can add a sprinkling of powdered sugar on top. This dessert is usually eaten after a big meal or while relaxing to enjoy afternoon tea.

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  1. Mazurek

Mazurek Traditional Dessert

Many people outside of Poland are too cocky to make Polish desserts without asking Polish people first. The food that many people outside Poland make is Mazurek. A dessert made like a pie with a flat shape. This flatness is because this mazurek is made by stacking it without using yeast to expand it. This really shows that this dessert has been found in Poland for a very long time before the discovery of yeast. If you look in more detail, this mazurek has a variety of toppings.

Most Poles make this mazurek by coating the top of the dough with chocolate or jam and then topping it with dried fruit to make it jelly. In addition, most Poles consume this together because the size of this food is impossible to eat alone. Most people outside of Poland are very careless about making mazurek but you will only be able to find real mazurek in Poland.

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  1. Makowiec

Makowiec Roll Cake

The next delicious Polish desserts is makowiec. You can easily find this one dessert at the end of the year or in winter. This dessert is called makowiec which has been consumed for generations by Polish people on certain occasions. Makowiec is also usually on the table at Christmas or Thanksgiving. This is also why Makowiec is still very guarded today. Because this makowiec is like a child to the Poles themselves.

Besides that, makowiec is made from bread flour dough which contains yeast in the dough. So that this makowiec dough just before cooking is very tempting to your nose. The yeast with which this dough rises will be very tasty. When the yeast dough has risen they usually cook it in a savory butter along with some honey and nuts. There is one more fact that may surprise you about this. You will get a fortune or success when eating this dessert.

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  1. Wuzetka

Wuzetka Delicious Cake

If you are a fan of desserts with a variety of chocolate flavors or fancy desserts, you will suit this one. This dessert is called Wuzetka which is so delicious. This dessert comes from the wealthy who used to live in the Polish kingdom and after every big meal, they ate this chocolate cake. Even in a Polish custom, Wuzetka is used to deliver tea or a glass of wine in the afternoon. Dessert made from cake batter like a sponge cake filled with delicious cream.

For dessert this time, always rely on the presence of whipped cream, which of course is used for the topping and stuffing of this wuzetka. Besides that, what is unique about this wuzetka is that the cake is brown in color while typical desserts are mostly gold or brown in color. In addition, you can find wuzetka throughout the Polish area from east to west. It is along this road that wuzetka is very famous for its delicacy as well as its region of origin.

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  1. Krem Brulee z Malinami

Krem Brulee z Malinami

Krem brulee z malinami is a dessert that is easy to find in Poland. Dear, you, while on vacation in this country, you don’t need to worry about the existence of this one dessert. Why is brulee z malinami cream easy to find in various places in Poland, because of its unique shape and very delicious taste. Basically, this dessert is a cream pudding that is given a layer of sugar which is baked until it becomes caramel on top.

Besides, you can also add raspberries on top to add a beautiful impression to this dessert. A fairly simple presentation in a small bowl to serve you later. If you are interested in Brulee Z Malinami Cream. Therefore, we give you a little message about the form and taste of this malinami brulee z cream. So, pack your things and add this dessert to your Polish food list.

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  1. Truskawkowy Mus

Truskawkowy Mus

The next delicious Polish desserts is truskawkowy mus. Strawberry fruit is the main ingredient for making this dessert. Then mixed with special thick cream and selected wheat flour to produce this delicious dessert. Moreover, the interesting thing about this dessert is that it is often found during big events or celebrations. Therefore, if you have relatives or friends who live in this country. Which is where you will ask for a typical Polish dessert and of course with an authentic taste.

Meanwhile, the freshness of the strawberries in this dessert also colors the arrival of summer. Because in summer, this dessert will sell well and be attacked by tourists or Polish citizens. Therefore, we recommend tasting this one dessert, and come to Poland when summer arrives.

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  1. Apfelkuchen

Apfelkuchen Apple Cake

The last delicious Polish desserts is apfelkuchen. This list also ends our discussion at the same time. Because the most important thing in looking for a dessert is visiting a bakery or restaurant. Even at a restaurant, your tongue will be spoiled by the taste of this dessert. The taste of this dessert has a very strong apple taste. Because the apples used are of high quality. Which will create a very delicious apfelkuchen flavor to enjoy. Meanwhile, you can add heavy cream or ice cream topping to this apfelkuchen. And with these toppings also adjust your taste.

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Thus our discussion of 11 Delicious Polish Desserts You Must Try on Vacation. With you enjoying some of the deserts above you will feel that you are starting to get addicted to typical Polish desserts. Typical Polish food is indeed very difficult to leave just like that. If you enjoy culinary offerings from Poland, then you also don’t directly learn a culture from Poland. Polish food that is so delicious doesn’t only give you a delicious taste on your tongue. But you also get a Polish culture of eating at dessert or dessert. Hopefully, immediately visit Poland to prove the delicious dessert. Enjoy your vacation!

Hello travel enthusiast! You can call me Aji. Life is sometimes very boring, but when we go on vacation and taste delicious dishes makes life enjoyable. Therefore, I will share the best travel destinations, culinary, and places to eat around the world that you will visit. So, follow my journey and enjoy it!


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