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Must-Visit Winter Destinations in Sweden for A Great Vacation

Foodntravelling.com – Winter doesn’t mean you can’t have your vacation as you wish. You can vacation wherever you want. The weather, which is likely to have a lot of snow and cold, will make your vacation different this time. In addition, you can do winter holidays with your family or alone to commemorate important days. You can vacation with your family or alone for Christmas or New Year’s Day by visiting winter destinations in Sweden.

The country that you must visit on this occasion in Sweden. Sweden has lots of winter holiday destinations that can make this winter warmer. Apart from that, Sweden is also very comfortable for those of you solo travelers and family travelers who want to vacation in winter. Here are the Must-Visit Winter Destinations in Sweden for A Great Vacation. Let’s discuss one by one!

  1. Abisko National Park

Abisko National Park
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The first winter destinations in Sweden is Abisko National Park. If you are a hunter for natural phenomena that are very beautiful then this is the place. In Sweden, there is a natural phenomenon that is such a shame to miss, this natural phenomenon is the aurora. You can see or see this aurora when you are in a village called Abisko. You will be amazed when you are in this place. Because besides you can watch the aurora, you can also enjoy a small village that is so beautiful.

After you arrive at this village in the afternoon you can visit several places in this village that can take you to this aurora. Apart from that, Abisko has several stalls selling hot drinks and food while you are there. One thing that is very unique from Abisko. When you are in this place you will realize that Abisko only has one season, namely winter. At Abisko you will not only be treated to the aurora but also the midnight sun phenomenon.

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  1. Kiruna

Kiruna City
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For those of you who visit Sweden in winter, you must visit this area. This area is called Kiruna which is so beautiful with longer winters than other areas. Kiruna almost every year is showered with white snow which makes this place more attractive to the heart. Apart from that, in Kiruna, you can visit Kiruna Church or Kiruna Kryka. The church, which was built in 1912, is still in use today. The church, which has a unique architecture in the form of a parish church, will make you experience a new experience when you enter it.

Apart from that, this church is also a tourist destination or destination in Kiruna. The shape which has a triangular architecture and large windows really makes visitors interested in this church. Coupled with a building like a tall dome next to this church, it makes its own charm. Kiruna not only presents the beauty of the church and village buildings but also natural phenomena.

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  1. Lapland

Lapland Sweden
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The next winter destination in Sweden is Lapland. For those of you who bring your family, you can enjoy the following destinations. This destination is called The Finnish Lapland, a beautiful winter playground. The Finnish Lapland has a playground that is perfect for children who like playing with snow. In this play area, there are several snowmen who are so big, complete with their attributes. Besides that, if you enter this playground, you can find many interesting attractions there.

Then, if you visit the Finnish Lapland on this Christmas day you can see a Santa and some huskies. Plus in this place you can ski to enjoy the beauty of winter. But for those of you who visit Lapland as a solo traveler, you can also enjoy it all. One of the wonders of Lapland is its magical natural phenomena. You can enjoy the sun for 24 hours in summer and enjoy 24 hours of night in winter.

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  1. Gothenburg

Gothenburg in Winter
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This one city is never boring to visit in any season. Gothenburg has thousands of attractions that are too beautiful not to be missed. In addition, you will be spoiled with various facilities that you can enjoy when winter arrives. Gothenburg has its own special attractions when winter arrives. The change in an attraction from season to season is a beautiful thing that you will see when visiting this city. This theme change always makes several surprises in each season.

Moreover, this usually happens in every sport played by local residents. In winter there will be various sporting activities related to skiing and hockey. Besides that, if you take a walk around the streets in Gothenburg you will find various restaurants serving dishes to warm up the body. There are also museum destinations to art galleries here that you can take advantage of this winter. Therefore, immediately schedule to Gothenburg right now.

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  1. Åre

Åre Ski Spot
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The next winter destinations in Sweden are Åre. For those of you who are looking for adrenaline or looking for a new sport that wants to conquer the top of the mountain. Then you can visit this one area. This area is called Åre, a mountain that gives you a new experience. In this area, there are many attractions that stimulate adrenaline when you visit it. Are has always been famous for its ski-related attractions. For those of you who want to try it you can practice first in this place.

And if you want to learn about how to ski here you can find here a lot of professionals who are ready to train you well. In addition, if you are a person who is proficient in skiing, then you can have new experiences here, meeting new friends and practicing together. You can use this vacation to conquer Mount Are from the top to the bottom. Not only that, if you visit Are you can find many quality ski shops in this place.

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  1. Jukkasjarvi

Jukkasjarvi of Ice Hotel
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You won’t get such a memorable experience anywhere else but here. This place has its own beauty and aesthetics in every visit. This place is called Jukkasjarvi, this Jukkasjarvi is a hotel made of ice. The ice in this hotel is carved in various beautiful styles. Valuable experience when visiting this place you will not get anywhere else. Jukkasjarvi has a beauty that is so pleasant for those of you who want to stay surrounded by ice in your room.

In addition, this experience might be the first time you get when visiting Sweden. For those of you who can’t stand the cold, maybe you will be afraid to enter this hotel. However, you don’t need to worry because every minute you get facilities to warm yourself up. Not only that, but this place is also very pleasant when used for honeymoon lodging. Therefore, immediately book your place at this hotel from now on.

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  1. Sigtuna

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The next winter destinations in Sweden is Sigtuna. You are looking for a tourist destination that has beauty in terms of architectural forms this winter. Then you can visit Sigtuna, a city full of history. Sigtuna will present to you how beautiful the combination of the two eras is. The combination of the two modern eras with the ancient era is highly coveted by the visitors. Apart from that, you can also look around by taking a walk to several shops in this village. Sigtuna certainly has a beautiful rural atmosphere when winter arrives.

Moreover, this place will never be boring for those of you who want to take pictures when winter comes. Therefore, you can take a walk along the nuanced paths surrounded by snow. The history of Sigtuna has a very deep meaning for the people who live there. This history is found in every building in Sigtuna. Most visitors come to this place after being tired from the sparkling big city of Stockholm.

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  1. Stockholm

Stockholm Winter Destinations
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For those of you who are curious to know what kind of beauty is given by the city in winter. You can visit Stockholm which is so beautiful. Stockholm is a city that has striking colors on every building. This colorful building is a shame not to be missed in any season, especially in winter. Visiting the city in winter will give you new sensations and new experiences that will never be forgotten. In Stockholm, you can see the various changes that occur in the city during winter.

What’s more, you will be spoiled with a variety of new attractions in this city. On Christmas Day you can enjoy the beautiful city streets decorated with Christmas trees and Christmas lights. Besides, if you go to the shops the winter atmosphere will be much different from other seasons. You will be offered a variety of winter specials at restaurants in Stockholm. Therefore, immediately plan your vacation this winter.

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  1. Kolarbyn

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The next winter destination in Sweden is Kolarbyn. The country’s snowy scenery in winter is not to be missed. If you have an interest in this country, of course, you will get ready for the winter holidays. Moreover, there are several unique lodging places in this country, namely Kolarbyn. You will be treated to natural scenery with amazing natural nuances. Where you will feel the sensation of sleeping in a cabin in winter. Apart from that, the Kolarbyn area also has bars and restaurants that you must try. The reason is, the restaurants and bars in this place offer typical drinks and dishes typical of this country. So, you don’t need to worry about ordering dishes with unbeatable delicacies.

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  1. Rural Smaland

Rural Smaland
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The last winter destinations in Sweden are Rural Smaland. This will also end our discussion about the amazing winter vacation spots in Sweden. Rural Smaland is a place with beautiful natural scenery when winter arrives. And in winter, the lakes in Rural Smaland will freeze beautifully. The frozen lake is usually used for fun skiing activities. In addition, this area also offers activities other than skiing, namely, go-carts. Which go-cart with a snowy feel is a must-try. When else do fun activities while enjoying the amazing atmosphere.

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Thus our discussion of Must-Visit Winter Destinations in Sweden for A Great Vacation. Sweden will never be bored to make your holiday very memorable. Starting from the atmosphere of the city which is neatly arranged, the atmosphere of the residents who are also friendly to tourists. All of that will make you want to plan your next vacation back in Sweden. Your vacation during winter in Sweden is so fun and exciting. Hopefully, you will get this excitement when you visit various destinations regarding winter sports, such as sky, one of them. Sweden always serves delight to its visitors in any season. Therefore, immediately schedule a winter vacation to Sweden. Happy holidays!

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