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The 10 Biggest Annual Festivals for Best Experience in Sweden – Traveling to a country and witnessing a big event or festival will be fun. Therefore, don’t be confused about which country to include on your vacation list. For that, the answer to a country full of festivals every year is Sweden. Sweden is a country in Europe which is full of unique festivals and is worth your visit. Then the annual festivals that you can visit in Sweden are very diverse and numerous.

Starting from traditional festivals that have been held for a long time or new festivals in the form of modern and contemporary music concerts. For those of you who like to visit every traditional and modern festival, you can watch it in Sweden while on vacation. Here are The 10 Biggest Annual Festivals for Best Experience in Sweden. Let’s discuss one by one!

  1. Welcome Spring (Walpurgisnacht Festival)

Welcome Spring (Walpurgisnacht Festival)
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The first annual festivals in Sweden are Welcome Spring (Walpurgisnacht Festival). If you crave a festival that smells like tradition or commemorates a historical moment. So you can come when spring arrives. This festival is called Walpurgisnacht festival, a festival like a parade celebration. This festival is celebrated at the start of the spring month to welcome a new season of blessings. In addition, This festival is a festival that has the goal that in this spring the evil forces will disappear.

Therefore most of those who come to this festival bring candles as a symbol of driving away evil spirits. At first this festival was held because it coincided with the birthday of King Carl XVI Gustaf. Therefore, many enthusiastic Swedish people come to this festival. Some people come to this festival by walking in droves like a parade. And after arriving at the place they light the candles together then sing together. Besides that, there is an interesting thing, namely that they wear clothes like a Halloween party if you look closely at this festival.

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  1. Stockholm Folk Festival

Stockholm Folk Festival
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If you want to visit a country and watch a performance or music festival, then Sweden is the answer. This festival is called the Stockholm Folk Festival which is attended by musicians from around the world. These musicians are well-known musicians ranging from mainstream musicians to musicians that not many people know. In addition, this festival also has an idea about the meaning of music for Swedish people. Not only that, this music comes from traditional music even to modern.

If you look at some of these musicians, they have their own unique style in presenting their work. Not only that, you can find that the music performed by the performers is very unique. Of course, you can’t get things like this in other countries while on vacation. Here you will be taken to the exciting characters of the professional singers themselves. Don’t forget to keep in mind this festival is held in early August and will last for 4 days non-stop.

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  1. Kivik Apple Market Festival

Kivik Apple Market Festival
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The next annual festivals in Sweden is the Kivik Apple Market Festival. You like a festival related to fruits like apples, then you’ve come to the right place. This festival is organized by Kivik called Kivik Apple Market festival. This festival invites several artists in Sweden and even artists from outside Sweden. With the presence of these artists, the Kivik Apple Market festival has become a unique exhibition venue.

Moreover, the various artists presented several of their works with the theme of apples. Because this is a festival related to apples, everything here is made of apples. Besides that, at this festival, you can taste various kinds of food offerings which are of course delicious. Not only that, but you can also create your work with apples here. This festival is held during the harvest season in Sweden. Here you can see various works in the form of people, plants, and even paintings made from apples. The most interesting thing here is that this festival is also free of these apples.

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  1. Peace and Love Festival

Peace and Love Festival
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Sweden is a country that is passionate about music, which is high. This assumption is made a reality with the existence of a music festival called peace and love. This festival illustrates how differences in Sweden can be brought together with music. Not only that, this deep meaningful message succeeded in attracting many social attractions about peace which is now a problem that is being faced. This festival is interesting to visit because some very talented local bands perform on this stage.

For those of you who like streams that not many people know or are looking for uniqueness. You can come to this festival which was held in 1999. At this festival, of course, it does not only present music but various attractions such as poetry readings and theater. The message that is always shared at this festival is peace and love for the world so that there will be no more wars. Included in this festival are several bands that are popular in the world.

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  1. Gothenburg Culture Festival

Gothenburg Culture Festival
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The next annual festivals in Sweden is the Gothenburg Culture Festival. Sweden’s Gothenburg never stops giving amazing shows or festivals. One of the festivals in Gothenburg that is too bad to miss is the Gothenburg Culture Festival. There you can enjoy cultural offerings wrapped in a lively festival event. Then you can find a culture that has traditional characteristics. In addition to Swedish traditional culture, a popular global culture is also introduced.

However, you will also be given a modern musical offering there. Some of the world’s top bands have also been one of the guest stars at this festival. Not only that, this festival also invites several local and world artists. If you are a person who likes music then you can enjoy all types of music above. However, if you are a person who likes sculpture, you will also be spoiled for choice with sculpture exhibitions by artists. This festival, which takes place in August, will never let you down on this holiday.

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  1. ReOrient Festival

ReOrient Festival
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For those of you who like parade-themed festivals, Sweden has a festival like that. This festival is called Reorient Festival which is the most complete festival. Because it is said to be complete, the festival is related to various cultures mixed into one. In addition, you can take a walk with the festival participants. If you bring small children they will definitely love this festival. Children will love the parade presentation of a giant doll that symbolizes various national characteristics.

Participants who took part in this were also from local residents to all corners of the world to enliven it. Many dolls are similar to famous figures from France, England and of course Sweden and many more. Of course, this doll is decorated with various colors so that small children will not be afraid. The masterpiece that is heralded in this festival is the togetherness of western and eastern cultures. In addition, they also provide knowledge that is presented in a discussion about cultural issues at this time among young people.

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  1. Summerburst Festival

Summerburst Festival
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The next annual festivals in Sweden is the Summerburst Festival. You are visiting Sweden in a beautiful summer. Then you should never miss this one festival. This festival is called Summerburst festival which is very lively. For those of you who love music, you are certainly no stranger to this one festival. This festival has various well-known artists in Sweden as well as outside Sweden. This festival is held specifically to welcome the arrival of summer. Summer is synonymous with fun holidays and vacation activities will increase dramatically.

Therefore, you should never miss attending this Summerburst festival. Here you can see performances from fantastic local bands to the world’s leading bands. Not only that, they also presented several performances such as dance to poetry readings. But what was awaited here was the appearance of an internationally renowned band. If you like this kind of festival, you only need to come to Gothenburg, to be precise at Ullevi Stadium. Don’t miss this summerburst festival.

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  1. Midsummer Festival

Midsummer Festival
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Sweden has always upheld peaceful and loving differences. Therefore, there are many festivals in Sweden that call for differences and peace. Just like the following festival called Midsummer Festival. In this festival various cultural forms and even people unite to show togetherness and peace. This festival, which is held in mid-summer, is a festival that is highly anticipated by Swedes and tourists alike. This is because during this festival they will feel the love and peace that underlies life in Sweden.

Not only that, at the time of this celebration, they gave a presentation of local music which was so beautiful to listen to. Also, don’t forget the poetry reading that touches the heart. For your information that at this festival you will dance with the people closest to you. This beautiful festival lasts from noon to late at night. Uniquely, this festival can be found in parks and gardens in various regions in Sweden.

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  1. Lucia Celebrations

Lucia Celebrations
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The next annual festivals in Sweden are Lucia Celebrations. Lucia Celebrations is a tradition that takes place every year on December 13th in Sweden. This celebration commemorates Saint Lucia, the patron saint of the Roman Catholic religion. On that day, the girl chosen to be “Lucia’s Bride” wears a white dress and a crown filled with candles, and leads a singing group called “Lucia’s Procession”.

If you walk the streets of towns or villages, sing traditional Swedish songs and stop at various places. Such as hospitals, schools or churches to distribute saffron cakes known as lussekatter. The Lucia celebration is one of Sweden’s most popular events and many Swedes consider it a tradition that should be protected and preserved. In addition, this celebration is also considered the official start of the Swedish Christmas holiday season.

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  1. Hot Air Balloon Festival

Hot Air Balloon Festival
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The last annual festivals in Sweden is the Hot Air Balloon Festival. This also ends our discussion regarding the biggest annual festival in Sweden. And the Hot Air Balloon Festival is a festival that we highly recommend that you to take part in. Which is where participants from all over the world gather to show off their hot air balloons and participate in some fun events and competitions.

If you are interested in joining to take part in this event and competition, come to Stockholm. Because during the festival visitors can see colorful hot air balloons decorating the Swedish sky. There are also many accompanying events, such as music concerts, games, and stage shows, which are organized for the entertainment of visitors.

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Thus our discussion of The 10 Biggest Annual Festivals for Best Experience in Sweden. Above are some of the festivals you can visit while in Sweden. Besides that, while you visit these festivals, you can also enjoy the beauty of this country. If you see these festivals you can see how lively Swedish culture is. There you can also see the history of what makes this festival held every year. Not only that, but you will also get new knowledge about how Swedish life is depicted in the festival. We hope that your participation in these festivals will have a deep meaning in each of their events. So, what are you waiting for, visit Sweden now. Happy traveling!

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