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10 Popular Places for Best Things to Do in Sweden – For those of you who are worried about planning your vacation this year, then you should visit Sweden. In Sweden, you are never disappointed with the destinations that are there. Apart from that, many tourists also have pleasant experiences in Sweden. You can also experience what many tourists feel in Sweden. In fact, you can visit no matter what season is happening in Sweden. Every season, Sweden always has a variety of shows that are given to visitors in each different season. Sweden has a variety of tourist destination attractions that are visited by many tourists visiting this country. Sweden’s attractions Sweden never disappoints. Here is a summary of the 10 Popular Places for Best Things to Do in Sweden. Let’s discuss one by one!

  1. Jokkmokk Winter Market

Jokkmokk Winter Market
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The next popular places in Sweden is the Jokkmokk Winter Market. If you are planning a vacation while shopping with a unique feel in the winter. Then you should try to visit this place with a variety of fun activities. This place is called Jokkmokk a market that exists in winter. For those of you who like some of the traditions presented by Sweden, this market is available. Items that you may not be able to find elsewhere you can find them here.

If you have relatives or friends who want typical Swedish souvenirs, you can buy them here. Meanwhile, in Sweden, it’s winter and this market is very crowded with visitors. Many visitors from several countries are very busy visiting this market. This crowd is because this market is only open for 3 days. Apart from that, you can also use some traditional accessories from Sweden in this place. Apart from that, you can also enjoy some small stalls to warm up your body and some festivals in this market.

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  1. Abisko National Park

Abisko National Park
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For those of you who have a hobby of traveling in the wild, you will have entertainment this time. You can visit Sweden by taking advantage of its national parks. One of the most beautiful national parks in Sweden is Abisko National Park. In this place, you can travel to visit the various natural beauties of Sweden that are still beautiful. Apart from that, you can also find some unique traditional houses there. Not only that, but here you will explore an area of more than 450 km.

If you are a climber this place also has mountains that you can climb to the top of. Abisko National Park is always full of surprises they make there. Nature will never give you what you want, but they do surprise you. Meanwhile, you can visit this place in any season. You can skate in winter, you can enjoy the beauty of spring. All you can do in this Abisko National Park.

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  1. Ales Stenar

Ales Stenar
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The next popular places in Sweden are Ales Stenar. This holiday, you are looking for a historical heritage that has high value. A historical civilization in Sweden has many things you must see in life. One of these historical relics is Ales Stenar which is so phenomenal. Many visitors from various countries always relate to the arrangement of these stones to Stonehenge. However, if you visit Sweden, the shape of these rock arrangements has the same pattern.

Not only are the patterns the same, but they also have the same stone characteristics and are beautiful. Meanwhile, you can not only explore Ales Stenar but also the green area around this historical heritage. If you are on vacation to Ales Stenar, don’t forget to hire a tour guide. Tour guide services are very important for you to know what happened to Ales Stenar. Relax, the tour guide here can speak English so you can find out all the information. Therefore, immediately schedule to Ales Stenar right now.

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  1. Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm Archipelago
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If you are looking for an island-related vacation where you can relax, the Stockholm Archipelago is the answer. Stockholm Archipelago is a suitable place for you to spend with your family and friends. Apart from that, here you can see other visitors enjoying the beauty of the waters by boat.

Even if you have the desire to fish, you can do it here. While you are fishing, you can also learn how to kayak here. Of course, playing kayaking is also accompanied by kayaking experts who are ready to teach you.

Here you can enjoy a vacation in Sweden that feels like you are on a tropical island because of the beauty of the rocks in the sea. Not only that, but you can also stay at this place. Several hotels were opened to visitors with direct views of the sea. You can invite your family to visit here by play together on the beautiful beach. So what are you waiting for, immediately schedule your vacation to this place.

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  1. Gota Canal

Gota Canal
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The next popular places in Sweden is the Gota Canal. Sweden has always been famous for their various tourist attractions that you can travel to by land or water. One of the tourist destination attractions that you can reach by water is the Gota Canal. You can explore nearly 200 km of Gota along this canal using water transportation. What’s more, if you visit this place you will always be able to contemplate with yourself. You can feel the calm to the beauty of the water flowing calmly. In addition, the sides of the canal are overgrown with various green trees.

Even if you want to wade through this canal you can go to Gothenburg by boat. Here you can rent a boat with a driver. The ships in this place have a unique design because they have sails like big ships. Even with the speed of the ship that is not so fast, you can enjoy the beauty of this vacation on the Gota Canal. Access to Gota Canal is also very easy because of its strategic location.

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  1. Liseberg Theme Park

Liseberg Theme Park
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For those of you who are looking for an amusement park that is fun and suitable for this holiday, then you have to come to this place. This place is called Liseberg Theme Park which is in Gothenburg. In this amusement park, you will never be satisfied playing. In fact, you will repeat the same game up to two to three times. Apart from that, this amusement park, or like you could say this carnival also provides beautiful and delicious restaurants. Here you can buy Swedish specialties to their drinks.

Not only that, but the food sold at the Liseberg Theme Park also varies from heavy meals to snacks. If you bring children to come to this place they will surely ride from roller coasters, bumper cars, and many more. However, if you are alone or a solo traveler, you can ride the Ferris wheel to enjoy the beauty of Gothenburg, so what are you waiting for, hurry up and visit the Liseberg Theme Park right now.

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  1. Fredrikstad Open-Air Museum

Fredrikstad Open-Air Museum
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The next popular place in Sweden is the Fredrikstad Open-Air Museum. For those of you who want to visit a unique place that gives you a lot of benefits, then you can come to this place. This place is called Fredrikstad Open-Air Museum which is unique and not to is missed. Many visitors from all over the world come to this place to witness the splendor of the Fredriksdal open-air museum. What’s more, many visitors say that this place is the most unique thing they experience when they are on vacation.

First of all, the uniqueness is seen in an open or outdoor museum concept. Second, this uniqueness exists with a botanical garden that is green and full of plants. Apart from that, you can also get a lot of historical knowledge from Fredriksdal himself. What’s more, you can learn about the plantation as well as the history of the plants in Sedia. This place is perfect for you to explore with your family or alone. Therefore, immediately schedule your vacation with your family or solo travel to this beautiful Fredriksdal Open Air Museum.

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  1. Lund Cathedral

Lund Cathedral
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Sweden has many historical places that are too dear to be forgotten in this place. One of these historic places is the Lund Cathedral in Skane. A church that stands firmly has thousands of historical stories that are so amazing. This church, which was built in the 11th century, is the oldest church in Sweden. If you visit this place then you are advised to see the amazing twin towers of this church. Besides that, there is a lot about the stories in this church.

It is said that there is a painting in this church that depicts a giant at that time. There are also things that are so impressive as the beauty of the clock that displays the figure of the king at certain hours. If you are interested in historical matters then you must come to this Lund Cathedral considering this church is phenomenal. Not only that, Lund Cathedral has Romanesque architecture which is so typical in Sweden for you to visit alone or with your family.

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  1. Sarek National Park

Sarek National Park
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The next popular places in Sweden is Sarek National Park. National parks are tourist attractions that are in great demand by families. If you invite your family for a vacation to Sweden, Sarek National Park is one that you must visit. Because in this place you will be spoiled by its natural charm that soothes your soul and mind. In addition, Sarek National Park is one of the oldest national parks in the country. And many tourists also try hiking activities in this national park area. Because this park provides a track for climbing. Which climb in Sarek National Park has a variety of peaks. For hiking tracks that are in demand by tourists are peaks with glaciers. Because at this peak is also the peak of beauty in Sarek National Park.

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  1. Kalmar Castle

Kalmar Castle
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The last popular places in Sweden is Kalmar Castle. This list also ends our discussion of some popular places in Sweden. Kalmar Castle is an ancestral heritage that is still guarded by this country. Because Kalmar itself is one of the old cities in Sweden. It was at the beginning of the 11th century that this magnificent castle was built. Besides that, the fact is that Kalmar Castle is still standing strong with its beautiful tower. And when you reach the castle tower you will be offered a stunning seaside view. Therefore, this place cannot be missed at all. With the popularity of this place, it is in great demand by tourists who are inviting their partners to this castle.

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Thus our discussion of 10 Popular Places for Best Things to Do in Sweden. By visiting the best destinations in Sweden, you will already know a lot about this country. Apart from that, you will also remember that this country has a very pleasant atmosphere to visit again. Even if you are on vacation doing this vacation with your family or going alone Sweden is very enjoyable. Hopefully, you can do all the fun activities there in any season. In winter you can go skiing in the mountains while in summer you can take a walk in the city’s beautiful parks. Therefore, immediately schedule a vacation to Sweden. Happy traveling!

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