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10 Best Shopping Places to Perfect Your Trip in Sweden – Shopping is the thing most tourists do on vacation. If you are one of these types of tourists, you can visit Sweden. This country has many places to shop from traditional to modern markets. In addition, the places to shop there are very varied so you can buy something typical of Sweden to take home with you. You can even walk around and explore shopping places in Sweden.

What’s more, the markets in Sweden have a variety of goods that are not sold in other countries. Not only because the items are unique. Shopping places in Sweden provide all your needs while in this country. And we have summarized the things regarding the list above in the 10 Best Shopping Places to Perfect Your Travel in Sweden. Let’s discuss one by one!

  1. Skrapan

Skrapan Shops
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The first shopping places in Sweden are Skrapan. For those of you who go to Stockholm, you can visit this one shopping center. This shopping center is called Skrapan. Skrapan is very interesting for you to visit, some tourists also spend a lot of time here. Not only that, this place has many cafes and restaurants ready to accompany you shopping. In addition, there are many attractions such as games for children in this shopping area. Therefore you can invite your children to shop in this place comfortably.

Skrapan gives you a new experience in shopping at this place. You can shop while enjoying the skybar on the roof of this shopping area. Therefore, you can invite your partner to enjoy Skrapan while on vacation in Sweden. To visit this place, you only need to come at Gotgatan 78, Stockholm, 118 30. To come to Skrapan you only need to come between 10 am and 8 pm except on weekends it opens earlier.

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  1. Farsta Centrum

Farsta Centrum
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This one shopping place is not far from Stockholm either. This place is called Farsta Centrum which is at Farstaplan 20, Farsta, 123 47. This very strategic location really helps you to find this place more quickly and shop. Besides that, the place to go to Farsta Centrum is also very beautiful to enjoy. Some tourists visit by walking through the boulevard. However, there are also those who use public transportation there.

But for those of you who bring your personal vehicle, you don’t need to be afraid of running out of parking, because the parking lot here is very wide. This shopping place has 3 different buildings and has a complete supply of goods. These three large buildings sell a variety of goods ranging from goods made in Sweden to global brands. You don’t need to worry about the extent of this shopping area, you can get around on the small vehicles they provide for visitors to shop. Therefore, you can access this place easily.

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  1. Bromma Blocks

Bromma Blocks
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The next shopping places in Sweden are Bromma Blocks. If you are new to Sweden you must visit this place which is at the airport. This place is called Bromma Blocks which has almost 140 complete small shops. Bromma Blocks sells lots of goods that you can only find around Sweden. In addition, this shopping area has unique things. The shops that sell their goods do not have a shop they just stand without boundaries with each other. This kind of atmosphere is unique from the others.

And where people sell here presents a different nuance from other shopping places. For those of you who want to buy typical Swedish souvenirs, they are all here. Apart from that, you can also rest in the shops here. You don’t need to worry if you don’t have time to buy souvenirs while on vacation, you can buy them here. Not only that, if you are lazy to go buy souvenirs you can also buy them here.

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  1. Mall of Scandinavia

Mall of Scandinavia
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If you want to get a high-quality item and a place that is so modern. You can visit the Mall of Scandinavia which is located at Stjarntorget 2, Solna. The shape of the Mall of Scandinavia is very easy for visitors to access. Not only that, but the building of the mall of Scandinavia is also very magnificent and has a modern architecture. What’s more, in this mall there are various kinds of facilities that support you for a vacation in this place.

For those of you who bring children, you can shop comfortably in this place. You can play with them in the children’s play area. Meanwhile, if you are shopping for your children you can leave them in the playground. Tourists who visit this place also say that many attractions are presented to support fun and comfort. For those of you who want to walk to this place, you can go through the boulevard. It’s even easier for those of you who like to take your public transportation.

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  1. MOOD

MOOD Stockholm
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The next shopping places in Sweden are MOOD. For those of you who are looking for a place where there is a mix of modern and traditional, you should visit this place. This place is called MOOD which is located in the sparkling city of Stockholm. The uniqueness of this place is its architectural design which is so distinctively contemporary. There is a mix of traditional and modern that makes this shopping center the main destination for tourists. What’s more, in this place the mall is not shaped like a tall, majestic building.

However, the shape of the building design in MOOD is like a traditional market lined up. Usually, with this form, most of them sell luxurious fashion stores. This place is specifically for those who like a traditional atmosphere with modern items. What’s more, in this place many often hold various fashion activities. Therefore, you can take advantage of this holiday by shopping for Swedish fashion at this place. You don’t need to worry, in this place, there are many stalls that will keep you full.

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  1. Gallerian

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You’re looking for a mall that has a retro style or a mall that has a long history in Sweden. Then you can visit this place called Gallerian. Gallerian is a mall in Stockholm which is also the first mall in Stockholm. You will see retro style when visiting this mall. You will find escalators that still have the old design in this place. Not only that, the atmosphere in this place is still maintained like everything.

However, if you are worried about incomplete items in this mall, you are wrong. This mall is the most complete mall in Stockholm. Many items are available to meet your needs while on vacation. Apart from that, you can also visit this mall with your family and children. Various facilities are also provided for you and your family. In fact, tourists who visit this place also say that the family atmosphere in 1976 has never disappeared here.

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  1. Nordstan Mall

Nordstan Mall
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The next shopping places in Sweden is Nordstan Mall. For those of you who are in Gothenburg, you can visit this place. This place is called Nordstan Mall which is in Gothenburg. The location to visit this place is at Gotgatan 10, 411 05 Gothenburg. For those of you who want to access Nordstan Mall, you can take a walk through the boulevard in front of this mall. Apart from that, for those of you who want to take public transportation, you can easily find it in front of this mall.

Therefore, this mall is visited by many tourists from all over the world. To come to this mall you only need to come between 10 am to 8 pm and for weekends it opens earlier. The attractions presented at this mall are very diverse, ranging from food, and fashion to cosmetics. This mall is usually visited by tourists in Stockholm who have run out of space in their mall. Not only that, this place is also a place that is so romantic for you and your partner.

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  1. Kronhusbodarna

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Tranquility and peace is the place you are looking for to shop in peace. Then you can visit this unique place. This place is called Kronhusbodama which has a serene atmosphere. The tranquility here is because this place is intended to be a quiet market. The concept they use is an outdoor market concept that mostly relies on umbrellas for shelter. It can be said that this market is a traditional market that has its own theme.

This market sells merchandise in the form of typical Swedish accessories. What’s more, in this place there is a very complete fashion shop that contains locally made clothes. For those of you who want to find various items made of wood, there are many who sell them like that. Not only buying, but you can also enjoy a variety of delicious restaurants that are on the edges of the market here. Therefore, immediately schedule a vacation this time to shop at Kronhusbodarna.

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  1. Sturegallerian

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The next shopping places in Sweden are Strugellerian. Shopping for essential items can make us happy. Moreover, these items have unlimited or limited value. Sturegallerian is a shopping center that has limited edition items. With limited edition items, this one shopping center is often seen by local residents and foreign tourists with elite style. When you enter this place, the first time you imagine is a restaurant that serves luxurious menus. However, it is not only luxurious that the food in this place has a premium impression. So, if you want to shop at this place, we make sure to bring more budget. That way the satisfaction of shopping in Sweden will be more perfect.

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  1. Nacka Forum

Nacka Forum
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The last shopping places in Sweden is Nacka Forum. This list will also end our discussion of the best shopping places in Sweden. Nacka Forum is a shopping center that is in great demand by local residents. Moreover, tourists from abroad are also interested in buying goods in this shopping center. Which is where this place offers goods at normal prices, and because of this many people fall in love when shopping at this place. In addition, Nacka Forum offers jewelry and handicrafts from local residents that are made in the traditional way. Therefore, the traditional impression in this place still exists from these things. So, you don’t need to hesitate to buy your target items when you visit the Nacka Forum.

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Thus our discussion of the 10 Best Shopping Places to Perfect Your Trip in Sweden. This shopping place in Sweden can never be boring. These shopping places have many attractions that are ready to please you. Apart from that, you can also access this shopping area easily because there are many accommodations in this shopping area. Not just presenting the goods you need. Hopefully, you can also see many festivals related to various cultures in Sweden. If you are lucky you can find a festival that serves Swedish specialties and lively bands. Therefore, immediately schedule yourself to go on vacation to Sweden. Happy shopping!

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