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Top 14 Tourist Destinations for You Best Visit in Stockholm, Sweden

Foodntravelling.com – If you are planning a vacation somewhere or a country, then the following countries are your top destinations. This country is Sweden when you visit Sweden which is in Europe you will never regret it. You will certainly never find various destinations owned by Sweden in other countries. Tourist destinations in Stockholm, Sweden are very distinctive with their character as a Nordic nation. Not only that, the destinations there have a variety of fun attractions.

One of the most visited attractions is the attractions in the city of Stockholm. The city of Stockholm itself is the capital of Sweden. Therefore the attractions in this place are very diverse. For that, you can visit various interesting attractions in Stockholm. Which we have summarized in the list of the Top 14 Tourist Destinations for You Best Visit in Stockholm, Sweden. Let’s discuss-one by one!

  1. Djurgarden


The first tourist destination in Stockholm is Djurgarden. For those of you who are interested in visiting Stockholm in a classic way or it can be said to be a picnic. Then you must be obliged to visit this one open park. This park is called Djurgarden, a green garden that displays exotic views. This exotic view is in the form of a lake that surrounds this park. Not only that, on this lake you can do fun activities with your family. You can learn to use a canoe here, more than that you can use the services of a professional canoe.

What’s more, by using this service you don’t need to worry that you will drown in the lake. You also definitely use various security equipment so you don’t need to worry anymore. What’s more, in this park you can walk to various other connected tourist attractions. For those of you who feel tired from the day, you can roll out a mat for you to lie down on the green grass here. In this park, several restaurants and cafes are also provided for those of you who are hungry and thirsty.

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  1. Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan Stockholm

For those of you who like the retro style presented by a city or place, then you have to come to this place. This place is called Gamla Stan, a city that has an ancient architectural style. This ancient architecture is complemented by a pleasant retro atmosphere. Not only that, here you can enjoy all the attractions displayed by Gamla Stan. Most tourists spend time in this place by eating and walking. In addition, there are lots of restaurants around this place. In fact, you can find restaurants that have ancient elements in their layout.

Meanwhile, there are several restaurants that have many advantages, especially for those of you who like restaurants with outdoor or indoor settings. Restaurant indoor will always present a warm dish and a classic place. However, an outdoor restaurant will accompany your trip without having to worry about where to stop. In addition, visit the Christmas event at Gamla Stan, so you will never regret it.

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  1. Skansen

Skansen Sweden Destinations

The next tourist destination in Stockholm is Skansen. This city will never get tired of presenting tours to visitors or you. If you are looking for a historical monument or historical building, then visit this place. This place is called Skansen which is so rich in historical buildings. Historical buildings in this place were not built based on the old building, but a thematic tour. For those of you who want to visit this tour, then you will learn a lot of history displayed in this Skansen.

Moreover, Skansen has a lot of attractions in this tour. You can find historical buildings related to Sweden as well as the world. You can also find some artifacts that are made to look like the original artifacts. Besides that, if you invite your family then it is the right choice. Children can play in the zoo provided there. Not only that, your children can also make a work of art that will be taught by this program at Skansen.

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  1. ABBA Museum

ABBA Museum

For those of you who love music and also things related to musical instruments, then you must come here. This place is called the ABBA Museum, a place that can be considered heaven for music lovers. In this place you can see that the musical journey in Sweden is also a part of the world’s musical journey. Even if you observe in detail, the music in Sweden is very rich in their unique modifications. Not only that, some music also describes an outfit.

Besides that, in the ABBA Museum, you will find the style of each music with the fashion trends at that time. You will find that pop culture has also penetrated the Swedish side of music as a development of their music. Not only that, you can find clothing styles ranging from Elvis, The Beatles, Rolling Stones to the hip-hop period of the 90’s. You can visit the ABBA Museum by comparing the development of music in your country against the country in Sweden.

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  1. Stadshus


The next tourist destination in Stockholm is Stadshus. Visiting Stockholm, of course, you will walk around this beautiful city. One of the places that you must visit in Stockholm is this beautiful Stadhus. Stadhus is a nickname for the city hall used by many activities in the Swedish government. But you don’t need to be afraid because this city hall is open to the public. You can explore buildings that are iconic like old European buildings. This building, which is similar to Ancient Greek architecture, is very interesting to visit.

That way your eyes will be drawn to some of the beautiful building designs. Not only that, you can also see the walls covered in gold. It’s very luxurious for a city hall. Apart from that, the golden walls are also engraved with a painting that tells the history from Stockholm to Sweden. Visitors usually spend time here by taking pictures against the backdrop of the city hall’s golden walls. Besides that, if you are hungry, there are several restaurants or cafes located on the ground floor of this city hall.

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  1. Junibacken


On this vacation, you are bringing your family and small children, so you can visit this place. This place is called Junibacken, a tour with the theme of children and fairy tales. For those of you who want to please your children then you can find some impressive attractions here. A fairyland built on the imagination of small children according to what they want. Therefore, every visitor who visits this place is never disappointed and goes home with a big smile.

In this place you will be told various fairy tales from Sweden, all of which are played by talented little children. Not only that, this theater has a limited number of seats, so you need to book in advance. Apart from presenting a drama show, Junibacken also has various restaurants there. The restaurants in this place have a variety of traditional specialties that are so delicious that you will not miss them.

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  1. Vasa Museum

Vasa Ship Museum

The next tourist destinations in Stockholm is the Vasa Museum. For those of you who love history in Sweden, you can visit this museum. This museum is called the Vasa Museum in Stockholm. This museum presents several things regarding historical knowledge that have existed since the 1900s. Besides that, an iconic thing in this place is a large warship that is displayed here. You can see the ships that were used for the Swedes to secure their country in the wars of that time.

Meanwhile, the ship in this place is very historic when it was still on its way at that time. There is a sad story with this ship, at that time this ship sailed from Stockholm and started to sink after a while from the port. However, the wreck of the sunken ship could be evacuated after the war was over. Until now, the historic shipwreck is still complete with its sails on display in the Vasa Museum. For that immediately to Stockholm to visit this historic museum.

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  1. Stockholm Storkyrkan

Stockholm Storkyrkan

For those of you who want a holiday that is so typical of Sweden and has a historical and religious theme. Then you can visit the magnificent Stockhol Storkyrkan. This place is still used for worship today. Stockholm Storkyrkan has existed since the 13th century at which time this church was the Vadersolstavlan church. Not only that, this church has a very tall building in the middle of a beautiful city. This church is never out of date, all the elements in it are original and still running.

In addition, this building with medieval architecture illustrates that this church had a great influence on Sweden at that time. Which often steals the attraction of tourists visiting Stockholm. For lately for those of you who are interested to see this church you can also follow the baptism here. If you are lucky you can also witness a wedding that is so sacred and solemn in this place. For that you only need to walk to Jalan Transund 1, in Stockholm.

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  1. Tekniska Museet

Tekniska Museet

The next tourist destinations in Stockholm is the Teknikka Museet. Not only has a tour of history and culinary alone. Stockholm also has tours with the theme of modern technology. A place that has this kind of attraction is the impressive Teknikka Museet. For those of you who bring your family, especially if you have small children, it is mandatory for you to go to the Teknikka Museet. This place presents several attractions for small children about the knowledge of modern technology in this world.

In addition, children will learn and play in this place under the supervision of several experts regarding this technology. For children who have aspirations to become astronauts, this place will never be forgotten by them. Not only seeing and watching, children can play role play as entertainment for them. Apart from that, children can also learn directly by using some of the modern tools there. You don’t need to worry because everything in this technology museum is very safe and can increase intelligence.

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  1. Skyview


There are so many attractions in Stockholm that you will definitely be confused about choosing one. There is a tourist spot that is different from the others, here you can see the city as a whole from a height. This place has the name Skyview which has attractions that are both fun and thrilling. For those of you who have the desire to get your heart pumping or want to get adrenaline you can come to this place. Here you can fully enjoy the city of Stockholm from end to end from one place.

What’s more, you can bring binoculars to see the beautiful scenery in the city of Stockholm by riding on this vehicle. This vehicle has a shape like a glass ball that can take you to the highest place. Besides that, the glass ball concept makes it easier for you to see all sides of the city without fear of being obstructed by anything. Therefore you can ride this vehicle by using the rail like a train going to the mountain.

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  1. National Museum

National Museum

The next tourist destinations in Stockholm is the National Museum. If you are looking for a complete museum with the history of Sweden then you can go to this place. This place is called the National Museum in Stockholm. This museum presents some architecture that is naturally ancient along with its enchanting art gallery. For those of you who love world history, especially Sweden, you will be taken through a time machine here.

You will start a journey from the medieval era, classic to modern today. In addition, there are nearly 600,000 collections of paintings that you can enjoy in this museum. A very famous figure in this museum who is always revered by historical artists is Rembrandt. He has works in the form of sculptures, paintings and sculptures that are very famous. Not only that, his works are very inspiring for anyone who comes to this museum.

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  1. Rosendals Garden

Rosendals Garden

You can visit this place by walking around a park in the city of Stockholm. This place is called Rosendals Garden, a garden with a beautiful panorama. For those of you who have the desire to take a walk with your family in the morning or afternoon or even in the evening, you can come here. You don’t need to worry because this place is very comfortable and safe for those of you who want to visit it. Not only that, you will be offered several interesting gardens for you to explore. As well as rose gardens, vineyards, and much more.

When you start your exploration of a path to take you further exploration. The streets in this park have tracks that are so comfortable for you to relax. Apart from that, you will also find a cafe that is typical of this place by serving typical dishes from this country. In addition, you can also enjoy the beauty of Stockholm naturally at Rosendals Garden.

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  1. Moderna Museet

Moderna Museet

The next tourist destinations in Stockholm is Moderna Museet. The place to get an interesting impression and historical knowledge is to visit a museum. This place has everything you need during your holiday in Stockholm. The art collection displayed in this place is the work of professional artists. Not only the works of new artists in this place, but the masterpieces of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and many more can be found in this museum. Therefore, this place is always crowded with visitors from all over the world. Which from art lovers to artists from various countries must have visited this place. Moreover, if you are on vacation to Stockholm it will be incomplete if you don’t visit one of these popular places. With this, make sure your vacation schedule is to visit the Moderna Museet which is amazing for its works of art.

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  1. Nobel Prize Museum

Nobel Prize Museum

The last tourist destinations in Stockholm is the Nobel Prize Museum. This list will also end our discussion regarding tourist destinations in Stockholm. Then the Nobel Prize Museum is a place that is often coveted by visitors. That way this place became so popular when it celebrated its 100th birthday in 2001. At that event this place was crowned as a landmark of the city of Stockholm. Therefore, many tourists are amazed at the splendor of this beautiful museum. Moreover, this place offers various kinds of information about the Nobel Prize. And the history of the greatest celebration in this place is included in this place. Therefore, we really oblige you to visit this place.

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Thus our discussion of the Top 14 Tourist Destinations for You Best Visit in Stockholm, Sweden. The city of Stockholm is a tourist destination for travelers in Sweden. This city has thousands of destinations that can make your vacation even more interesting this time. Not only that, if you are traveling in Stockholm you will be brought through the beauty of this city which is so comfortable and lively. Stockholm is different from other national capitals, here you can enjoy clean air with various park tours. Hopefully, with our list you can also visit the museum to learn history about Sweden. Therefore, schedule your vacation in Stockholm. Happy traveling!

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