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Create A Great Vacation: 12 Amazing Places in Visby, Sweden – A city full of beauty certainly saves a lot of events that happened there. For that a history will definitely be very fun when it can be revealed. A city that is beautiful and full of history would also be great fun to become a tourist attraction. If on this holiday you are looking for a city as has been said then you can go to Sweden. Sweden is on the European continent so the attractions in Sweden certainly have a lot of history. In addition, you can also get tourist attractions that have a lot of history when visiting the city of Visby. The history in this city generally tells of medieval times to the Renaissance as well as the 19th century. Therefore the following is Create A Great Vacation: 12 Amazing Places in Visby, Sweden. Let’s discuss one by one!

  1. Ruins of St Nicholas Church

Ruins of St Nicholas Church
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The first amazing places in Visby are the Ruins of St Nicholas Church. First of all when you visit Visby you can visit the places that attract the most visitors. This place is the Ruins of St Nicholas Church which is so interesting to visit. Besides that, for those of you who really love the history of buildings that have partially collapsed, this will make you amazed. This is because at that time there were several things that happened to this building. At first this building was a church which was built during the 11th century.

Then after that, this church functioned like a normal church, but there was a rebellion in the 1500s. In this uprising, the church of St. Nicholas became one of the churches that were also destroyed. However, if you go to Visby today you will find this crumbling church very aesthetic. The abandonment of this building does not make this church forgotten. Even at this time this church was very popular among photographers because of its unique scenery to be used as a background.

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  1. Gotland Museum

Gotland Museum
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For those of you who want this holiday to be filled with a complete historical story from Visby, then you can come to this place. This place is called Gotland Museum which is located in Strandgatan. In this place you will get a lot of insight into the history of Visby. The Gotland Museum is ready to make you understand bit by bit the historical value contained in Visby. If you read about world history, then you will also know some things about Sweden.

Of course, when talking about Sweden, we will also talk about Vikings. The Vikings were a mob that dominated Sweden at that time who also lived in Visby. So when you visit the Gotland Museum you will be returned to the past when the Vikings still ruled in Sweden. Not only that, in this museum you will also be accompanied by a tour guide who will help you understand all history until it is clear so that you can tell stories yourself with people at home.

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  1. Ringmur Wall

Ringmur Wall
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The next amazing places in Visby is Ringmur Wall. If you have ever been to the Great Wall of China then you will also find a wall like that at Visby. This wall like the great wall of China is called Ringmur Wall which is so amazing. This high wall has a long history behind the construction of this Ringmur. Formerly this wall was used for defense or as a fortress of protection from outside attacks. History shows that in Visby this was once a strong stronghold from the attacks of their enemies. It is proven that from the 13th century, this wall was made and nothing has collapsed due to attacks until now.

Besides that, even now in this place there are still many relics such as watchtowers which are also intact. If you bring your family you can visit this place by going around this wall. No need to worry when you surround this wall you will find many beautiful historical sides. In addition, you don’t need to worry because in this place many sell a variety foods and drinks.

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  1. Visby Cathedral

Visby Cathedral
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As previously mentioned, Visby is a tourist paradise with historical objects. So to add to this historic atmosphere you can visit one of the enchanting places. This place is called Visby Cathedral which is in Vastra Kyrkogatan precisely in Gotland. This place is a church that is very charming in the form of a very sturdy building. Besides that, you can ask for help from a local tour guide to explain the history that happened in this church.

The fact that you will get there is that this church has existed since the 11th century. Other than that this church has the same form as several churches in Germany at that time. In this place you can climb to some of the towers in this place. Or if you want to enjoy the garden on the hill behind this church. You can do both things which are so much fun. What are you waiting for, immediately visit Visby Cathedral for a vacation.

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  1. DBW’s Botanical Garden

DBW’s Botanical Garden
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The next amazing places in Visby is DBW’s Botanical Garden. For those of you who are still not satisfied with some of the parks in Visby, you can go to this place. This place is called dbw’s Botanical Garden, in this place you can see lots of different plant species. Not only that you can also learn a few things about the plant. Because this place is called the Botanical Garden, you will come home with millions of knowledge. Besides that, if you just want to enjoy such a beautiful place, you can take a walk in this park.

Then you can also sit on the green grass in this park. No need to worry about insects, in this place insects are also very concerned. So, nothing will disturb you while relaxing. If you are lucky, you will be presented with some beautiful things about a special event. You can find in certain months in this park a music festival is held. What are you waiting for, take your family to DBW’s Botanical Garden.

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  1. Hogklint Nature Reserve

Hogklint Nature Reserve
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Sweden is very famous for its various types of beautiful beaches here. You will get some familiarity with nature. The place that describes Sweden in terms of nature is this place called the Hogklint Nature Reserve. For those of you travelers who really like to climb mountains or hills this place is heaven for you. Here you will be invited to climb mountains and cliffs. But there is no need to be afraid because in this place you will get guaranteed security facilities.

What’s more, you will be supervised by several professionals who are on standby there. When you finish climbing you will be invited to re-enter the naturally formed cave there. Not only caves in this place, you will find many attractions that you can do, such as walking along the beach. Or if you are tired you can ride a bicycle that is also rented there. There’s a lot you can do here and most of it ends with swimming.

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  1. Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon
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The next amazing places in Visby is the Blue Lagoon. You are a person who loves to travel by doing fun things with sports. Then you can go to this one place, this place is called Blue Lagoon. This Blue Lagoon is a lake that has water so clear that it is like the sea. For those of you who love water you will really like to visit this place. Not only that, the Blue Lagoon has very interesting natural attractions.

Besides that, the attraction is that this lake is surrounded by rocks which on the other side show a green color. This beautiful natural scenery can make this holiday even more fun. On these rocks you can use them as a place to jump into a fresh lake. Many visitors who visit this place in the summer. Because in this lake not only for swimming there are also those who practice canoeing, you can follow them too. You can also enjoy things like camping in these hills with your family.

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  1. St Karin Cathedral Ruins

St Karin Cathedral Ruins
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When you want to travel to Visby to see some crumbling but still aesthetically pleasing churches. Then you can go to this place, this place is called St Karin Cathedral Ruins. A church filled with beautiful historical accents for you and your family to witness. This place has existed since the 11th century which is a long time ago. When you visit this place you will see that the roof of the church has disappeared.

Moreover, this situation will create an aesthetic scene in this place. You will witness that the sun there will try to get into the cracks in the church walls which are entwined by plant roots. Apart from that, you can also see that the pillars of this church are so big and sturdy. But the old church in this condition still attracts many visitors to this place. Even several times in this place weddings were held. So what are you waiting for, take a historical tour and take pictures in this place.

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  1. Faro Island

Faro Island
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The next amazing places in Visby is Faro Island. Islands are a wonderful place to talk about this holiday, for that Sweden has a beautiful place. This place is called Faro Island which is enchanting with a vast expanse of sea. Faro Island is where many visitors spend their time in Visby. An existing island is located close to Visby which you can reach by boat. In this place you can see various things such as various beautiful rocks.

In addition, there are rocks that have a unique shape, namely rocks that have a hole in the middle. You can do many things when you visit Faro Island. Some people will spend time in this place by camping on the beach. If you like this you can do it too. In addition, there are several things about the attractions on this island that attract attention. You can climb the cliffs in this place and then swim in the open sea and have fun while here.

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  1. Kneippbyn Amusement Park

Kneippbyn Amusement Park
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For those of you who bring children or even you bring your family, you can visit this place. This place is called Kneippbyn Amusement Park where your family can have fun. When you visit Visby you must come to this place. Here you can do some fun things with your loved ones or family. The attractions that they present in this place are certainly attractions that can stimulate adrenaline. Therefore, if you really like challenging things, you can try to ride a roller coaster in this place.

You can even hone your skills in driving go-karts. If you bring children in the summer you can enter the water park they have provided there. Because this place is an amusement park, you don’t need to worry about being hungry here, there are many sellers selling food and drinks. Here you will find many types of restaurants as well as cafes for lunch.

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  1. Gamla Apoteket

Gamla Apoteket
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The next amazing places in Visby is Gamla Apotheket. It has been said that in Visby you will get various kinds of information about history. One of the places you can visit while in Visby is Gamla Pharmacy. For those of you who have a job as a pharmacist, you will relate to what happened here. A little history about this Gamla Apotheket, that at that time Gamla Apotheket was built in the 13th century. There is something unique about this sturdy building, this building has 4-5 floors high.

However, the uniqueness is not in the number of floors, but lies in the basic materials used for this building. The basic material of this building is a solid white stone. In addition, in this unique building there are several rooms that are used for various functions. Some of these rooms were used as residences and labs at that time. If you want to know more details then you need the help of a local tour guide.

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  1. Lummelunda Cave

Lummelunda Cave
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The last amazing places in Visby is Lummelunda Cave. This list will end our discussion about amazing places in Visby. For those of you who expect a tour around a natural destination, then you can come to this place. This place is called Lummelunda Cave and is visited by millions of people who like adventure every year. This cave is a cave that has beautiful rocks and crystallized water for millions of years.

Not only that here you can also walk along almost 5 km. In this beautiful cave you can see an interesting natural phenomenon that connects rivers on the ground with rivers in the ocean. If you continue walking towards the end of this cave you will find you are near the Baltic sea. Relax, you will be guided by a tour guide in this place who is so friendly and prioritizes safety first.

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Thus our discussion Create A Great Vacation: 12 Amazing Places in Visby, Sweden. A city that, if described, has a beauty that is clearly displayed in terms of buildings as well as in terms of nature. Visby keeps a lot of historical memories in this city, from the dark times to the renaissance here. Not only that, the shape of the buildings in Visby shows that this city is an ancient city that still stands strong today. Hopefully, from this list you can choose interesting places in Visby, Sweden. In addition, the shape of the sturdy walls that surround the city of Visby is very unique, many visitors make this place their main tourist destination. So what are you waiting for, immediately plan your vacation to beautiful Visby. Happy traveling!

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