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Must-Visit 14 Wonderful Destinations in Uppsala, Sweden – Sweden has many places that you can use to travel alone or with your family. One of the places in Sweden that are often visited by tourists is Uppsala. A city that grew up in Sweden has a long historical background in the course of time. But not only rich in history, but this city is also rich in interesting tourist attractions. Uppsala is interesting to visit with family or on your own. A city that is so interesting to visit and comfortable for its visitors. Not only that, tours ranging from parks, and churches to museums are all complete in Uppsala. Convenience is the city’s top priority when entertaining its visitors. Therefore, we have summarized the matters regarding the above in the Must-Visit 14 Wonderful Destinations in Uppsala, Sweden. Let’s discuss one by one!

  1. Linnaeus Garden

Linnaeus Garden
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The first wonderful destinations in Uppsala is Linnaeus Garden. A garden with thousands of plants that have a green color to release your tired mind. Then you really need to visit the Linnaeus Garden in Uppsala. This place really helps you let go of your problems for a moment while looking at the green grass. In this garden, you will be amazed by the beauty of the plants that are made like the sides of a pyramid building in a row. Besides that, the history of this park itself is that this park has existed since the 16th century.

Moreover, at that time the park was managed by Carl Harleman and Linnaeus. So at that time, this park was also called a botanical. However, over time the garden turned into a large garden. In fact, many of today’s plants are inherited from plants in the past when they were still botanical. This makes this park very interesting to visit and attracted many foreign tourists. Therefore this park attracts the attention of visitors when they find many rare plant species here.

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  1. Uppsala University

Uppsala University
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For those of you who are interested in visiting every campus in the city you visit, including Uppsala. Then you have to go to Uppsala University which has a long historical background. This long-established university in Uppsala has a lot of literacy that can be of use to you. Not only that, visitors usually spend their time in the library. For information, the library at this university is very pleasant to visit. In this place, you can read some literature accompanied by a calming atmosphere.

In addition, this building from Uppsala University has been built since the Renaissance so it has its own dance charm. However, not only focusing on the library, Uppsala University has many attractions that you can visit. You can take a leisurely stroll along the boulevard that has a convenient route to the university. The visitors usually also use the road inside this university to go to a museum which is not far from this place.

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  1. Gamla Uppsala Vikings

Gamla Uppsala Vikings
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The next wonderful destination in Uppsala is Gamla Uppsala Vikings. When you visit Sweden you will go to historical places that you have never visited. Historical places in Sweden usually have a connection with the Vikings. In the past, this Nordic nation had a group that called itself the Vikings. These Vikings are very famous in the sea world because of the story that they can sail the world using their ships. Therefore if you visit Sweden in this place you can trace the whereabouts of the Vikings. You can visit Gamla Uppsala Vikings in Disavagen.

Moreover, this place describes the stopover of the Vikings in ancient times. It is even said that there were several Vikings leaders who once settled and lived in this place. While this island was once used as a stopover, it turned out that this island was also used as a burial place for Viking leaders at that time. It is in this place that the last known leader of the Vikings lived. If you are keen to see that this place was once a very sacred place by the Vikings.

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  1. Helga Trefaldighets Kyrka

Helga Trefaldighets Kyrka
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Your vacation in Uppsala this time will be very memorable and full of historical things. You can visit this one place. This place is called Helga Trefaldighets Kryka which has a very ancient building. But ancient here is in a positive word. This place is one of the oldest churches in Uppsala. For those of you who like history, this place is a very good place for you to study history.

This beautiful ancient building has existed since the 12th century until now. Therefore history after history has been passed by this church. Starting from the dark ages to the renaissance to now the 21st century. For that if you enter this church you will be presented with several pictures. The drawings in this church are intended for world-renowned artists. Not only that, if you visit this place you need a tour guide to understand history.

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  1. Sigtuna

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The next wonderful destination in Uppsala is Sigtuna. A vacation trip to Uppsala will certainly be more enjoyable if you stop at Sigtuna. A beautiful village was full of historical stories in this place. Sigtuna is one of the most beautiful villages in Sweden. This village has a place that is so comfortable to visit as a vacation spot. You don’t need to worry about the accommodation in this place. Even though this village is considered an old small village, everything is available here.

Besides that, you can start your vacation by walking around the park to this road in Sigtuna. You will be surprised to find that this village is one of the oldest existing villages in Sweden. Apart from that, enjoy your rest while visiting one of the oldest churches there. This church is called St Olaf’s Church which has beautiful ruins to be used as a photo object. Maybe if you are not tired you can also visit some souvenir shops.

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  1. City Park

City Park
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When you have reached the city of Uppsala then you are confused as to where to go. You can visit the nearest tourist attraction, namely the park. The park you are going to is Stadstradgarden which is a fantastic park. For those of you who are waiting for your hotel check-in when it’s not finished, you can go to this place. You can sit on the green grass and lie down there. You can even roll out a mat for you and your family to have a picnic.

Meanwhile, visitors usually visit this place by bringing provisions to eat together at this place. Besides that, this place is very shady accompanied by lush trees in the middle of the city and colorful flowers. If you are feeling tired all day traveling you can release your fatigue in this park by sitting on the benches that are available a lot. Or even when you are confused about doing sports in this place there is a jogging track for you to exercise in the morning or evening.

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  1. Uppsala Castle

Uppsala Castle
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The next wonderful destination in Uppsala is Uppsala Castle. Located in Slottet, this tourist spot has a very high historical element for you to visit on this holiday. Uppsala Castle is a tall building that still stands firmly in Uppsala. Uppsala Castle has a dark history for the Swedish government in the 16th century. At that time there was a death sentence that was carried out in this place. Not only that there was a drama going on in this place involving the queen.

Therefore, for those of you who are history lovers, you can visit this place as a witness to the history of European civilization. This place will never be boring for you to visit alone or with loved ones. This place has many tourist attractions presented there. Among other things, you can visit the wide green yard in front of this castle. Apart from that, you can also watch art exhibitions in this castle as a refreshing brain from the fatigue of daily activities.

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  1. Uppsala Cathedral

Uppsala Cathedral
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Holidays in Uppsala will give you a holiday sensation that can also increase your knowledge. Here you will be given information about the many historical buildings in Uppsala. One of these historic buildings is the Uppsala Cathedral in Domkyrkoplan. Here you can find out that this building has existed since the 13th century. For hundreds of years, this building is still standing strong until now. However, this building bears witness to the history of all history that occurred in Sweden, especially Uppsala.

In addition, this church is one of the churches that has become a major religious center until now. Not only that if you have plans to get married you can book it at this church. When you enter this church you will be greeted with the feel of a sacred church. You can even see the tomb of the Swedish king who was buried in this churchyard. To see more details, you can hire a tour guide for details.

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  1. Fjallnora Friluftsomrade

Fjallnora Friluftsomrade
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The next wonderful destinations in Uppsala is Fjallnora Friluftsomrade. Maybe for those of you who have been too long with historic tours and you want to get natural freshness. You can visit this place which is so beautiful and natural. This one place is a little difficult to pronounce the name is Fjallnora Friluftsomrade. But this difficult name has a place that can put your mind at ease once you get there. This place is shaped like a park where there is a lake around it. This park has a very large space for you to do a picnic or just relieve fatigue.

And when you are in this place you will surely get some serenity. In addition, when in the summer in this place you can do canoeing or water sports. However, if it’s winter you can skate for fun on the frozen lake. Some visitors who visit this place usually have a picnic by bringing supplies from home. You are the next person who will enjoy the beauty of this park.

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  1. Linnaeus Hammarby

Linnaeus Hammarby
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You would never think that this tourist attraction is a privately managed museum. This place is called Linnaeus Hammarby a garden which is also a beautiful museum. For those of you who like colorful flowers, you will also like this place. Because this place is a botanical garden which has thousands of types of plant species around the world. You will be given some knowledge about the discoveries of the plants they have successfully cared for there.

Apart from that, it is quiet there. The private owners of these gardens deliberately open their parks or gardens for people to visit. They want people to know that the plants in the world are very numerous and also beautiful. The owner of Linnaeus Hammarby is very friendly to visitors. You can take a spin in this garden when you visit there. Besides that, you can also visit the museum that they made themselves with a botanical theme too. Therefore, immediately visit Linnaeus Hammarby.

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  1. Bror Hjorth Museum

Bror Hjorth Museum
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The next wonderful destinations in Uppsala is the Bror Hjorth Museum. Some of you may already know this name and some of you may have never heard of it. For those of you who have a penchant for art or really like works of art, you will definitely know Bror Hjorth. Bror Hjorth is a very famous artist with his impressive work. But for those of you who don’t know, you should visit this place. This place is called the Bror Hjorth Museum which was formerly his art studio.

So it can be said that at that time he built this house with a unique design among other houses. This house is used to make sculptures and several works of art in the form of paintings and so on. In fact, on several occasions, his paintings have become postage stamps used in Sweden to commemorate him.

Therefore, after he died, this place was used as a museum, which contained several works of art. In this place, you can find several things related to this Bror Hjorth as an ordinary human.

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  1. Uppland County Museum

Uppland County Museum
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When you visit this place the thing that comes to your mind is amazing. This place is called the Uppland County Museum which is very unique in terms of buildings. Maybe if you take a quick look at this building it’s normal like an ordinary building. However, if you pay close attention, you will be surprised. This building is on the edge of the river and can even be said to be right on the river. The river that circles this building is called Fyris. Here there is also a garden that has stairs leading down to this river.

Moreover, this adds to the beautiful appeal of this museum as a beautiful tourist attraction in Uppsala. In addition, this place has museum collections that cover the history of Uppsala. For that for those of you who love history and love the beauty of nature, you can visit this place.

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  1. Gamla Uppsala Museum

Gamla Uppsala Museum
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The next wonderful destinations in Uppsala is the Gamla Uppsala Museum. The cultural wealth in this country is very thick and still original. When you try to look for ceremonies or festivals in this country, they will definitely be lively. The excitement at the ceremony was also accompanied by several visits by foreign tourists who participated. Gamla Uppsala Museum is a very iconic place in this city. Moreover, nordic culture is very strong in this area. Moreover, this domed museum is an attraction for tourists to visit. With this, this place is full of people who are fond of the history of this country. In addition, if you are interested in this place, you will find historical sites and artifacts that are very interesting to study.

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  1. St Olaf’s Church Ruins

St Olaf's Church Ruins
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The last wonderful destinations in Uppsala is St Olaf’s Chruch Ruins. This discussion also ends our discussion of wonderful destinations in Uppsala, Sweden. Some people or especially historians are very fond of artifacts and historical places. This place is a must to visit if you are interested in that. Because this place offers some interesting and unique things.

St Olaf’s Chruch Ruins is located in the village of Sigtuna which is popular for its historic sites. And one of them is the ruins of this church, which can attract local and foreign tourists. Besides that, you will be offered interesting things that are in the ruins of this church. One thing you must do is explore and look at the rune stones found in this place. The rune stone is also very interesting to observe.

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Thus our discussion of Must-Visit 14 Wonderful Destinations in Uppsala, Sweden. Uppsala has its own magnet for visitors who are looking for serenity as well as city comfort. Many attractions are presented in this city as a tourist spot in Sweden. The friendliness of the people is also a value in itself if you visit this place. Hopefully, you can find that when you walk in certain places close to people’s homes you will always get a smile. Apart from that, Uppsala also provides many tour guide services that can speak English so you don’t need to worry. Therefore, immediately visit Uppsala as soon as possible. Happy traveling!

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