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The Best 10 Variety of Malaysian Street Foods That Make You Curious – You will often encounter street food when you visit this interesting country. Malaysia is a country that is very popular for its street food. However, there are also some special dishes that you must try too. In addition, before you start your trip on vacation, don’t forget to prepare snacks and some of your holiday equipment. Therefore, in this country, you will be taken to several street culinary tourism destinations that are tantalizing. No need to linger, we have summarized this in the article The Best 10 Variety of Malaysian Street Foods That Make You Curious. Let’s discuss!

  1. Lok-Lok


The first best Malaysian street foods is lok-lok. Lok-lok is a street food that you can often find in some corners of the country’s cities. In this case, it is often hunted by foreign tourists who are on vacation in Malaysia. And especially the food lovers who often target this street dish. If you are one of them, you must hurry to try this street food. In addition, lok-lok is satay combined with dipped in broth. And the unique thing about this dish is that you can choose several fillings in the form of meat, seafood, to vegetables.

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  1. Rojak


Rojak is a fruit dish combined with some octopus meat and fish cake. Then the dish is poured with a special sauce made of brown sugar. This makes this street dish has a spicy and sweet taste. In addition, the level of spiciness of the sauce adjusts to the taste of the customer. If you love spicy food, you must try the high level of spiciness in the rojak sauce. Because at a high level of spiciness it can wiggle your tongue. Moreover, the sour and sweet taste is a taste that is quite popular with local Malaysians.

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  1. Ais Kacang

Ais Kacang

The next best Malaysian street foods is ais Kacang. Ais Kacang is a street dish that can wash your mouth when you finish eating the main course. The highlight of this dish is grated ice and assorted nuts. Nuts contained in this food include soybeans, red beans, and many more. For toppings, you can choose such as sweet corn, sugar palm fruit, and pieces of jackfruit. Meanwhile, you can find ais Kacang at some food stalls in Malaysia. In addition, don’t forget to ask for the sweetened condensed milk and syrup from this street dish.

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  1. Teh Tarik

Teh Tarik

During your vacation to Malaysia, you definitely want to enjoy practical street food. Teh Tarik is one of those drinks that you can take with you everywhere while traveling in this country. Because you can find this drink in various food stalls in several available places. However, teh Tarik is also found in some food stalls in the country. In addition, Teh Tarik is a tea dish that is combined with fresh cow’s milk using a unique method. This unique method of making the drink is very rare to find anywhere. So, if you are on vacation to Malaysia, you are obliged to try this refreshing drink.

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  1. Apam Balik

Apam Balik

The next best Malaysian street foods is apam return. Apam balik is a street dish that resembles a French crepe, but has a fairly thick texture. And not only the texture is thick, but in terms of shape it is like a shell. In addition, the interesting thing about apam return is that the filling is varied, and of course, it is appetizing. However, the most distinctive filling of apam balik is the delicious sweet corn cream. In addition, for tourists who are on vacation in this country, these street dishes are often used as souvenirs to give to those closest to them. So, you don’t need to hesitate to buy apam return as a souvenir.

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  1. Muah Chee

Muah Chee

If you think about Japanese mochi food, it’s not far from muah chee street food. The basic ingredients are the same, namely rice flour, but have a quite different technique and also a different taste. However, what muah chee has in common with mochi is its chewy and soft texture. Meanwhile, this street dish is often used as a snack by the citizens of this country on certain occasions. Muah chee has a sweet taste and is then combined with fine peanuts that make this dish taste savory. The savory and sweet taste of food is very popular with Malaysians.

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  1. Satai Kajang

Satai Kajang

The next best Malaysian street foods is satai kajang. This street food has a short philosophy, namely the word satai which means satay, and Kajang is a region of the country. You can find the Kajang area in the Selangor area. Which is where this dish is made in the traditional way. From some street food, satai kajang is often a street dish favored by tourists. In addition, satai kajang is made of several animals such as cows, goats, and camels. For the selection of the types of meat from these animals according to your taste. And according to our recommendation for you to try is camel meat. Because camel meat has a fairly thick texture than the two animals.

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  1. Nian Gao

Nian Gao

Nian Gao is a three-color street food snack that is made from a mixture of two countries, namely China and Malaysia. However, the originality of this snack is from Malaysia, although in China it has a different name. This had made the tourists who were visiting this country curious about this one snack. Moreover, the taste of this street snack is very delicious and delicious. The pleasure of nian gao is from the melting of the fried caramelized bananas. In addition, you must try this snack while it is warm when served. Because when warm, these caramel-fried bananas will melt into your mouth.

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  1. Popiah


The next best Malaysian street food is popiah. You might mistake this street dish for a burrito and spring roll. This is not true, because popiah itself has different characteristics from the two dishes. Besides that, the skin for making this street dish is not much different from the spring roll, but there is something different about the dish, namely the filling. The stuffing of popiah includes pieces of radish, carrots, bean sprouts, ground peanuts, yam, and lettuce.

What’s more, this street dish is further varied in its filling by some of the country’s merchants. This is where you’ll find fillings like sausage, tofu, minced meat, and more. In addition, you can enjoy this dish boiled or fried. According to our taste, we recommend frying, because on popiah skin you feel a crispy sensation.

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  1. Tong Sui

Tong Sui

The last best Malaysian street foods is tong sui and of course, this dish also ends the discussion. After you have eaten a few main dishes, tong sui is a perfect dessert for you to enjoy. Because Tong Sui itself has a sweet and mild taste. In addition, this street dish is made from several nuts such as red beans, black beans, green beans, and many more. Then the characteristics of tong sui itself resemble a soup dish, but have a sweet taste. Meanwhile, there is a tong sui variant that is quite unique, namely made from wheat, where the wheat is made like porridge and has a delicious taste. If it’s your first time hearing it, the wheat-based tong sui is a must-try.

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Thus our discussion of The Best 10 Variety of Malaysian Street Foods That Make You Curious. Let’s discuss! Malaysia has always had its own charm in offering street food to foreign tourists. Moreover, street food in this country is unique in terms of taste and variety of lists. And also, the country’s street food makes tourists curious about it. Therefore, we hope that from the list of street dishes above you can taste some that you think are interesting to try. Enjoy your meal!

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