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Travel to Malmö and Find 12 Amazing Destinations in Sweden – Holidays will be very fun if you visit places that are also fun. This fun will have an impact on the mood and also the memories you create on this holiday. For that, you need a place that is so memorable when you visit it on vacation. Therefore, don’t worry, there are places that are so impressive for you to visit on this vacation. This place is called the city of Malmö in Sweden. Of course, when it comes to Sweden you don’t need to worry about the beautiful natural scenery and buildings. One of the most beautiful sights is in the city of Malmö, a city full of beautiful tourist attractions. Make sure when you visit Malmö you are not tempted to stay forever. Here are Travel to Malmö and Find 12 Amazing Destinations in Sweden. Let’s discuss one by one!

  1. Lilla Torg

Lilla Torg
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The first amazing destinations in Malmö is Lilla Torg. For those of you who crave a vacation that is done on foot in the city or district, then you have to come to this place. This place was called Lilla Torg, a place like a small district rich in tourist attractions. When you visit Lilla Torg you will find that in this small town, you can shoping in many shops. Not only that, you can feel the atmosphere of the beauty of an ancient building complete with beautiful accents.

Moreover, this ancient building has its own history to this city of Malmö. In the 18th century, there was a small district town where it was completely catered for everyone’s needs. This small town that had always been the central city had now become this Lilla Torg.

Besides you can find history in this place you can find the monument directly. Here there is a cobblestone in the middle of the city. The cobblestone that is in this place is in the form of water that continues to flow in a beautiful cup.

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  1. Kungsparken

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If you are looking for a vacation that has a place that is comfortable, and quiet so you can be alone with your peace. Then you have to go to this one place. This place is called Kungsparken, one of the oldest parks in Malmö. However, an ancient garden does not mean that it has an atmosphere that has been left behind. Kungsparken has long been established in Malmö City and is even one of the oldest parks in the city. But if you visit this place you will feel that your mind will feel a new serenity here.

This serenity is what many visitors are looking for. Apart from that, you can also take a walk in this place by following the path that has been made. No need to worry here, there are also many benches for you to rest. Meanwhile, history says that there was once a fortress for the city of Malmö. For now, you can enjoy Kungsparken with a big windmill tower here.

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  1. Oresund Bridge

Oresund Bridge
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The next amazing destinations in Malmö is Oresund Bridge. Your vacation will certainly be more complete when you can visit one of the largest interstate projects in Sweden. Sweden’s biggest project is a bridge connecting Denmark to Sweden. Of course, this beautiful bridge is in the city of Malmö that you visited this time. This huge bridge has a lot of space for you to enjoy its beauty. You can enjoy it by taking a car or a tourist bus between countries in Europe.

Apart from that, you can also see that many big ships that look small in the sea below you. Not only that, there are many lighthouses in the sea that can be seen from the bridge. In fact, you can also ride a train that is on this bridge line too. But in that excitement, you are not allowed to walk or jog in this place for mutual safety. Besides that, you are free to enjoy the sea that meets the blue sky here.

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  1. Malmö Castle

Malmö Castle
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Taking a walk in Sweden, especially the city of Malmö, you will never get tired of seeing historical events there. One of the most historic places in Malmö is this Malmö Castle. A castle that has existed since royal times in Sweden until now. This sturdy castle has fun attractions for you to visit. These attractions can make you more insightful. This castle was once thought to have also gone beyond the renaissance. This can be seen from the physical structure of this castle which reflects that time.

Meanwhile, when you are in this castle you are encouraged to enter it. Because in this castle there is a museum that has many things as refreshing. In this museum, you can see a variety of art exhibited here. If you bring your family, you can also visit the zoo near this castle complex. Children will definitely like the collection of animals that are there, there are even lots of fish too.

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  1. Stortorget

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The next amazing destinations in Malmö is Stortorget. When you visit Malmö you will find that this city is equipped with small districts that are so unique. One of these districts is Stortorget which is as unique as Lilla Torg. However, Stortorget has a nickname as a city hall that is different from other cities. Here you can find that this city hall is very complete with a Swedish accent. Not only that, here you can see that the history of this city hall was made during the renaissance.

Moreover, if you visit this place you can start your vacation by taking a walk in the middle of the district. As soon as you arrive in the middle of this district you will be presented with a horse statue that is identical to the Danish statue. Apart from that, you can also find that this district is very clean as well as the accommodation which is all available near you. So with that you no longer need to be afraid that your needs will not be met, there are also several souvenir shops here.

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  1. Malmö Library

Malmö Library
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If you want to rest in peace and be able to read something for the day then you should come to this place. This place is called Malmö Library which is located near Kungsparken. This comprehensive library will give you a reading experience you will never forget. Here you can read in peace because many reading places are provided in the form of comfortable sofas. Don’t worry because in this place you are also not limited by hours so you can rest in this place for a long time.

In addition, this information library dates back to the 1950s. Given the age of this old library, you wouldn’t notice it because here everything is very much maintained under maintenance. Meanwhile, if you are observant of the architecture of this library building you will be amazed by the large glass windows in this place. Not only that, but you can also feel the beauty of the garden in front of the library which is so naturally green.

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  1. Turning Torso

Turning Torso
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The next amazing destinations in Malmö are Turning Torso. You want this holiday to feel like you are in a country with lots of different building ornaments from all sides. Then you are very lucky to visit Malmö City. Here you can go to the Turning Torso, which is a very tall building soaring into the sky. However, if you look around this building is the only height in this place. The height of this Turning Torso is almost 200 meters. If you ask what you can find in this Turning Torso.

Therefore, you will get the answer that is all there. For those of you who like shopping, this place is perfect for you. Apart from shopping, you should also know that this building was made to give visitors the impression that there is a skyscraper in Malmö. Besides that, in this place, you can find buildings of a futuristic modern type. Apart from that, you can also visit the top floor to see the beauty of the city of Malmö from here.

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  1. Ribersborgsstranden

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If you are the type of traveler who likes outdoor activities, you can visit this one place. This place is called Ribersborgsstranden which is a beautiful beach in Malmö City. This place is the main destination for visitors when summer arrives. Apart from that, you can also walk to get to this place to enjoy the estuary that flows into the ocean. This estuary is very famous as a tourist destination used as a walking area or a beautiful park there.

Moreover, not only that, the gardens here are decorated with green grass. Even many who visit this beach formerly through the park along this estuary for a picnic. In addition, when you reach the monitor you will be presented with the beauty of white sand beaches like on a tropical beach. This beach is the main destination because the water is so clear and blue. So you can swim in this place comfortably and safely because it is also supervised by a lifeguard there.

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  1. Swedish Hospitality

Swedish Hospitality
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The next amazing destinations in Malmö is Swedish Hospitality. For those of you who are traveling alone or with your family but you are confused about where to stay. You can go to the houses in Malmö where you can live with them. The hospitality of the local residents is very popular among tourists. These locals give you a home when you are confused to travel in Malmö. Not only that, but you will also be given services like in a hotel. You will feel a stone sensation that you will never forget.

Besides that, you will also be invited to visit the nearest tourist attraction in Malmö. It has become a culture of local residents to bring visitors to know Malmö better. There you will experience a new sensation in terms of food made at home. You will also feel the warmth of the family that is there. In fact, you will feel that this is where you should live. For that, don’t worry when visiting Malmö alone.

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  1. Katrinetorp Country House

Katrinetorp Country House
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In exploring the city of Malmö you will also be treated to the beauty of many houses that have been turned into museums. One of the houses that was made into this museum is the Katrinetorp Country House. This place does give you a place that you rarely find when on vacation. Here this museum or rather houses the remains from the early 19th century to the present. This house has a theme that raises a classic period, namely the period before the kingdom in Sweden.

In fact, at that time this house could be classified as a rich manor house that was lived by aristocrats. This house was once owned by a very wealthy family and then passed on to their successors. But now this house has never been changed even once they really care about the authenticity of this building. There you can bring your family to enjoy the beauty of this beautiful building. Besides that, there are green parks and several cafes as well as interesting souvenir shops there.

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  1. Malmö Konsthall

Malmö Konsthall
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The next amazing destinations in Malmö is Malmö Konsthall. One of the attractions that you will visit is a room full of beautiful art. One of these attractions is Malmö Konsthall which is very beautiful with thousands of architectures. Malmö Konsthall can be said to be an art gallery in Malmö and one of the most beautiful buildings. In this place, you can find a lot of art exhibitions that are so beautiful and not to be missed.

Besides that, here you can also see that the paintings and some of these sculptures were made by local and world artists. Even if you are lucky you can enjoy the main dishes served in this art gallery directly. When there is an event at the exhibition you will be taught to draw freely according to your expression.

This drawing is one of the activities that many visitors do at this place. If you are observant you will notice that this building has a very scalable concept by utilizing sunlight.

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  1. Moderna Museum

Moderna Museum
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The last amazing destinations in Malmö is the Moderna Museum. You are one of those people who want a place that is so impressive for you. Maybe if it was a more modern place. Then you can visit the Moderna Museum in Gasverksgatan. Here you can see everything from movies to digital painting exhibitions. Taking a modern digital concept, this museum is very much in the future.

In fact, you will also be brought into a world where technology is very sophisticated. For this reason, if you bring children, this place is perfect for a vacation. You don’t need to worry when you visit this museum, you can also enjoy various restaurants around the museum. Make sure when you visit this place you hire a tour guide for you so that you know more about what is in this modern world.

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Thus our discussion of Travel to Malmö and Find 12 Amazing Destinations in Sweden. Malmö will never turn your vacation into an ordinary one. Malmö has a lot to please your heart and mind if you visit it. Apart from that, you can start your journey according to tourist attractions as above. You can witness how amazing a city is built through a long history. Not only that, the parks in this city are so refreshing for you and your family to visit. You also don’t need to worry about the accommodations that are all in this place. Hopefully, with the list that we have provided to you, it can be a list for your next vacation in Sweden. So what are you waiting for, hurry up and visit Malmö for a vacation. Happy holidays!

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