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13 Popular Typical Filipino Drinks, You Must Order at Least Once!

Foodntravelling.com – For those of you who are on vacation in the Philippines and you are confused about what drink to try while on vacation there, then you should follow the article below. Sometimes the fun of the holidays will make you thirsty for your activities. For that, you need to buy drinks for your friends while on vacation. If you are on vacation in the Philippines, you will be faced with thousands of typical Filipino drinks that will make you confused.

Therefore, you are advised to choose a drink starting from its use. If you are feeling low then choose a refreshing drink. If you want to relax, then you can choose a drink that makes your body relax and relax in your activities. Therefore, the following are 13 Popular Typical Filipino Drinks, You Must Order at Least Once! Let’s discuss one by one!

  1. Basi

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The first typical Filipino Drinks are stale. If you are a fan of drinks that are made manually without using modern technology, then you should try the following drinks. The following drink is called Basi, one of the drinks that will take you into the realm of traditional Filipinos. This stale can be said to be a wine made from sugarcane. The Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia that has large sugar cane farms. Therefore, many wine experts make this sugar cane into a very delicious wine.

Making wine from sugarcane has been passed down from generation to generation to become a tradition in Filipino society. Of course, there are unique things in the processing of this sugarcane wine. Its uniqueness lies in the process which is only covered by banana leaves and takes many years. If you visit the Philippines and order Basi you will be offered two variants, namely Basi which is low in alcohol, and one that is high in alcohol. You don’t need to be confused, you can choose according to your needs, because these two variants are very delicious.

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  1. Bahalina

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The following is a typical Filipino drink which is a shame if you miss it when you visit. This drink is called Bahalina, a drink made from coconuts typical of the Philippines. If you observe this drink, it has its own characteristics, namely its color which tends to be brown. From that, Bahalina became famous and became a dish for guests from outside the region. This brown color is due to the processing method which is considered very secret by Filipinos.

So you need to taste this drink to be able to examine what recipes are used in this wine. The real bahalina is usually left in a bamboo container for a long time. If you are looking for the freshness of this drink, look for bahalina which is made directly by the Filipino people. The taste you will get when you drink bahalina is sweet, delicious, and fizzy.

However, it all depends on the skill of the maker who makes it delicious. Therefore, hurry to the Philippines to try this drink and get a new experience of drinking wine.

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  1. San Miguel

San Miguel
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The next typical Filipino drinks are San Miguel. When your day is very tiring and you need a drink that makes you refreshed, then take this one drink. This drink is called San Miguel, a refreshing beer for your tiring day. If you drink this beer you will be addicted to continuing to drink it because it tastes so rich. Not only that, this San Miguel beer has been widely exported abroad and has become a favorite drink for many people.

Like many San Miguel beer drinks, you can get them very easily in the Philippines. In fact, if you are a vegetarian, you can consume this drink because it is free of animal elements. Even some vegetarian restaurants suggest this beer for you to drink as your refreshment.

Besides that, if you take a walk in the Philippines, which has a hot tropical climate, you can bring this beer with you. Most tourists who come to the Philippines choose this drink as their favorite drink. Go to the Philippines to drink this one beer.

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  1. Ube Martini

Ube Martini
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If you are used to tasting cocktails that only serve those flavors, then you need to try this cocktail. This cocktail is called ube martini, which is made from a pudding. This uniqueness is one of the attractions of ube martini if it is on your table. This drink is perfect for those of you who are on your honeymoon in the Philippines, feel the uniqueness of the ube wrapped pudding. In addition, if your partner likes purple, then this one drink is perfect for a romantic drink together.

For the taste, you don’t need to doubt the delicacy of this one drink. You will find soda wrapped in creamy vanilla pudding, a truly unique blend that will make you addicted. You don’t need to worry about finding this drink, you can find it in fine dining bars and restaurants. This cocktail is very popular with tourists who come to the Philippines. Most of them who like the sweet taste will be addicted.

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  1. Benguet Coffee

Benguet Coffee
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The next typical Filipino drinks benguet coffee. For those of you visiting the Philippines for work, then maybe you now need to be awake for work to get done, then grab this coffee. This coffee is called benguet coffee which is typical of the Philippines and is much sought after. Even now the local residents there maintain this one plant so that it does not become extinct. For that, you need to try this one coffee drink if you visit the Philippines. In addition, you will find that the taste of this coffee tends to be strong and sour. For those of you who like the sour taste of coffee, you will definitely be addicted to drinking it.

Besides, that in the past this coffee was highly protected and not just anyone could enjoy it. However, nowadays many provide this coffee wherever you are, so you don’t have to worry about running out of coffee. This coffee is perfect to accompany your morning to start activities. You can really enjoy this coffee at night because the caffeine content is not too high.

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  1. Barako Coffee

Barako Coffee
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Still in the coffee family, this drink is perfect for those of you who have busy activities while on vacation. This coffee is called Barako or often called by local residents Kapeng barako. These coffee beans come from plants grown in the highlands around Cavite to Batangas. For those of you coffee fans, of course, you will choose to come directly to the coffee growing area while on vacation. There you will be treated to this coffee with a taste that is so distinctive.

Local residents in the Cavite area to Batangas will serve coffee manually and using traditional equipment. Not only that, you will find that the beans used have their own characteristics compared to the many coffee beans on the market. In addition, when you drink this coffee you can also accompany it with some dessert or breakfast. Therefore, hurry to the Philippines and taste the taste of Barako coffee, which is different from your previous experience of drinking coffee.

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  1. Maiz Con Hielo

Maiz Con Hielo
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The next Filipino typical drinks maiz con hielo. The following drinks have the same language as Spanish, because these drinks imitate Spanish drinks. This drink is called Maiz Con Hielo, a delicious sweet corn-based drink. This drink contains absolutely no alcohol or coffee elements. However, this drink has a main flavor, namely sweet corn added with ice. But you don’t have to conclude that this drink is just corn and ice. This drink consists of selected sweet corn grown in the Philippines and served in one glass with whole milk.

Meanwhile, several restaurants or street food that sell this drink serves it with condensed milk. To be more precise, the appearance of the Maiz Con Hielo drink is very tempting to accompany you to eat your dessert. You will feel your spoon full when you first scoop. Most tourists who visit the Philippines in hot weather will order this one drink. Therefore, try to drink one glass of this drink, and you will be addicted.

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  1. Calamansi Juice

Calamansi Juice
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Catching a cold while on vacation is an unpleasant thing for anyone. When you experience something like that in the Philippines, you have to drink this one. This drink is called Calamansi Juice which is used to relieve colds. This drink contains high vitamin C content and is good for the body. Some local residents claim that this Calamnsi must be made in a very careful way and there is also a secret recipe. Of course, this will really make you even more curious about what fruit is used in this drink.

If you see at a glance, this drink is made from oranges and lemons. Not only that, but the color of this drink also describes a fresh orange taste. But in this drink you need to know there are two uses. If you have a cold, this drink will be made plus an herbal recipe. However, if you want freshness, you can add ice in it to make your body fresh again.

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  1. Salabat

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The next typical Filipino drinks salabat. Still in the realm of drinks with herbal Calamansi from the Philippines, this one drink is used when you are sick or cold. This drink has the name salabat, a drink that mixes tea and ginger. The best way to drink this salabat is when you feel cold or have a cold. In addition, for Filipinos, this drink is always there when night comes. Salabat has been around for generations as a traditional drink from the Philippines. There are two variants of this salabat for you to try when you visit.

You can also try a variant that is made right in front of you or a variant in the form of an instant tea bag. For the taste you don’t need to worry because both have the same delicacy. But if you want to experience authentic flavors made right in front of you, you can come to street food in the Philippines. There you will find that pure tea in a glass will be given 3-4 raw ginger which has been beaten and then poured with hot water.

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  1. Buko Juice

Buko Juice
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This one drink will be very fitting to accompany your vacation on the beach. This drink is called Buko Juice, a drink in the form of a whole coconut. This whole coconut will be hollowed out with a knife and immediately served to you. Delicious coconut water will cool your body from the hot sun on the beach. Not only that, if you want ice, you can ask the seller to put ice in this coconut. You can even ask for the meat inside the coconut to be grated.

What’s more, the best way to enjoy this drink is in hot weather, on a beach vacation, or when you’re just trying to rid yourself of toxins. Coconut water is claimed to be able to neutralize toxins in the body. So you will get a complete package of deliciousness and health in one when you drink this Buko juice. Apart from that, you can also ask for this coconut water to be given syrup or milk to add to the delicacy of this buko juice.

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  1. Kamias Shake

Kamias Shake
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The next typical Filipino drinks kamias shake. Visiting the Philippines without tasting a drink that has a unique taste is the biggest mistake on your vacation. So for that, you need to try the Kamias Shake which has a very high sour taste. Apart from that, by drinking this Kamias shake, you can taste a typical Filipino fruit called Kamias. This fruit is small and oval that grows on tree trunks. You can feel the rich vitamin content of this Kamias fruit in this Kamias shake drink.

If you want to try consuming the fruit directly, maybe you are not strong enough for just one bite. Therefore the Filipinos make this fruit into a delicious shake. Some people may not be strong enough to drink it without added sweeteners. So if you want to feel the natural sensation of this fruit you can order it unsweetened. However, most tourists add sweeteners such as syrup and milk to this drink. This drink is perfect for hot dry season conditions.

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  1. Taho

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For those of you who are looking for a drink but while drinking you also want to eat, then you can choose this one drink. This drink is called taho which you can enjoy by drinking or eating it. The composition is somewhat unique from tofu or usually a typical Chinese food mixed with palm sugar.

For those of you fans of sweet drinks, this tofu is ideal for you. You don’t need to worry because the tofu used here won’t affect the strange taste of the refreshing drink. And you can find this tofu wherever you are, try buying it at the street food market for its authentic taste. You will feel your thirst disappear along with your hunger also disappear when consuming tofu in this taho.

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  1. Mango Mojito

Mango Mojito
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The last Filipino typical drinks is the mango mojito. This list also ends our discussion of drinks in the Philippines. Mango mojito is one of the most refreshing drinks in the world. Yes, it is true that in the world you are not wrong, because mango mojito uses the best grade of mango in this country. Which mangoes in this country have been registered in the Guinness World Record as the most delicious and sweetest mangoes in the world. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about trying this refreshing drink. And the fact is mango mojito is an alcohol-free drink. With this, you will feel the sensation of freshness without the slightest taste of alcohol.

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Thus our discussion of 13 Popular Typical Filipino Drinks, You Must Order at Least Once! The types of drinks offered by the Philippines are very diverse, which often makes you confused. However, after you read the above, you may be a little helped to make a choice. You can start a drink in the Philippines from a drink that contains alcohol or is fizzy. All of these choices come back to you, but remember one thing that the typical Filipino drinks are all very enjoyable to drink. In addition, the drinks from the list above are not difficult to find in this country. Even sold in several shops on the roadside and are available in street markets. Hopefully, with this list, you will also come to the Philippines and enjoy it yourself. Enjoy your drinks!

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