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The Land of Egypt Full of Historical Enchantment and Wonders in the Eyes of Foreign Tourists

1. Overview of Egypt

Egypt is a country famous for the history of the prophet Moses and the red sea, and the king of Pharaoh. So if you want to plan a tourist trip to Egypt, surely the first thing that comes to your mind is the Pyramids of Giza. This tourist object has very interesting architecture and beautiful views. Everyone knows that Egypt is famous as a tourist destination with hundreds of ancient sites and historic buildings. In this place, we can find many tours with unique architecture, the Red Sea, and the Nile River.

Egypt is a country on the North African continent bordering Israel and the Gaza Strip. This country which is located on the shores of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean has several tourist attractions with a history that is so thick. This tourist attraction became an ancient civilization with famous tourist attractions such as temples, mummies, mosques, pyramids, monasteries, monuments, and old churches. Then, for Superfriends who like traveling and enjoy history. In addition, you can visit some attractive tourist attractions in Egypt. Therefore, we want to review popular tourist objects in this country.

2. Attractive tourist object

Egypt is an ancient country that has an advanced civilization dating back thousands of years before Christ. Egypt is famous for its Pharaohs and relics of historic buildings such as the Sphinx and Pyramids. Several valuable artifacts and mummies of the kings were also found in these historic buildings. Therefore, this country has become a tourist object in the world.

This tourist attraction is increasingly famous after being the setting for various well-known Hollywood films such as Tomb Rider, Indiana Jones, and The Mummy. The Sphinx, Pyramids, and other historical buildings are the main attractions of Egyptian tourism. Many foreign tourists visit Egypt just to see the majesty of these buildings. Apart from historic buildings, Egypt also has several other tourist destinations that are no less interesting, such as nature and sea tourism. Therefore, we review some tourist objects in Egypt to be your travel guide. Hopefully, you can enjoy it. Enjoy following our review below!

Pyramids of Giza

If you have the opportunity to vacation in Egypt, then don’t miss visiting the Pyramids of Giza. This pyramid is an icon for the country of the Pharaohs, where you will see the very famous Sphinx statue in the world. In addition, this building is the only remaining wonder of the world from ancient times. In fact, it is already more than 4,600 years old. So, it’s no wonder that many tourists come here to find out the history and beauty of these tourist destinations. If you are on vacation in this country, you will be amazed by the beauty of the historical heritage that exists in this country and is thousands of years old.

Red Sea Coast

The Red Sea Coast tourist attraction is in the eastern part of Egypt and has a wealth of underwater diversity. This Red Sea Coast tourist attraction is located eastern part of Egypt and has a wealth of underwater. Then, Red Sea Coast has a length estimated across the Suez Canal to the southern Sudan border, which is 800 km. Therefore, this sea has become one of the famous objects in Egypt and is visited by many foreign tourists. In this country, you will see seawater that looks clear with various types of fish, and you also can enjoy exotic luxury resorts along with the best diving spot areas. In this country, you will be treated to beautiful beach views and delicious seafood. For that, we recommend this tourism object to include in your list of tourist visits in Egypt.

Nil river

The country of Egypt since ancient times is famous for the Nile River which can provide fertility to the Egypt country. In addition, the Nile is the longest river in the world and has an important role in the survival of the people of Egypt. Then, the Nile River used as a means of transportation, trade, irrigation, and a source of food because it has a large variety of flora and fauna.

The Egyptians gave the popular name for the Nile with the nickname ‘Father of African Rivers’ which empties 6,650 km and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, the Nile River has beautiful views, and here you can also take photos for your memories while in Egypt.

The Nile is the longest river in the world and is the heart of the life of the Egyptians to this day. The life of the Egyptian people rests on the Nile River, starting from agricultural irrigation, fishing, transportation, and even to tourism. The Nile River is considered sacred and has a long history for Muslims, Christians, and Jews. The Nile River is the place where baby Moses was washed away to avoid the atrocities of Pharaoh’s troops until he was found by a royal consort. Therefore, this river is a historical river that is visited by many people from various religions.

Ibn Tulun Mosque

The Ibn Tulun Mosque was built between 876 – 879 AD and is the most ancient mosque in Egypt. The structure of this building was made by the Abbasid governor of Egypt, Ahmad Ibn Tulun. The mosque is built around a courtyard and has enclosed spaces on all four sides. The tower, which has a helical outer staircase, looks exactly like the popular towers in Samarra, which were probably created centuries later. This mosque is very large and can accommodate thousands of worshippers. Therefore, this historical relic is still visited by many tourists from abroad.

Luxor City

If you want to visit Egypt, a place full of history, the city of Luxor can be a place that you must visit. While in this city, you seem to be surrounded by an open-air museum. The reason, this city holds many ancient relics, namely 60 underground tombs of kings decorated and carved in such a way. Then there is the Luxor temple and the Karnak temple, to other ancient monuments dating from 1500 to 100 BC.

That said, Luxor city is the birthplace of Hercules and Dionysos. Then, the city is located near the Nile and south of Cairo, about 500 km, has stood above the ancient city called Thebes by the Greeks. While the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt called the city of Luxor Waset. Therefore, the remains of this historic building resemble buildings in Greece a lot. In this place, you will surely admire the remains of the buildings left from the past.

Abu Simbel Temples

This popular tourist attraction, located in Nubia in Southern Egypt, the Abu Simbel Temple has two large stone temples carved out of the mountainside. This building was created by Pharaoh Ramses the Great in the 13th century BC for Queen Nefertari and for himself. With Lake Nasser surrounding this beautiful temple, In 1960 this temple almost disappeared under the lake if UNESCO did not carry out a major operation by shifting the existence of the temple from its original place. The restoration of this temple lasted for four years and Abu Simbel Temples is one of the Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Egypt that you must visit.

Shiva Oasis

This Siwa Oasis tourist attraction is located in the Libyan Desert. This place is a remote settlement in Egypt with a population of around 23,000 people most of them from the Berber Tribe. This tourist spot is located on ancient trade routes and was an important center for trade. This place offers palm trees and natural springs that provide shade to tourists who are in the desert. Therefore, currently, the object of tourism is the main source of income for this region. if you want to see beautiful historical buildings during that heyday, you can visit this place.

Valley of the kings

This historic tourist object is located quite close to Karmak. The Valley of the Kings is where the tombs of the Pharaonic kings were built from the 16th to 11th centuries BC for Ancient Egyptian kings and legal representatives. The Valley of the Kings is along the west bank of the Nile, directly across from Thebes or what is now known as Luxor.

This burial area consists of 2 valleys namely the East Valley and the West Valley. One of the reasons the Valley of the Kings became famous is because of the discovery of the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, the King of Ancient Egypt who is famous for the legend of his curse. if you visit this place, you will find the Valley which has more than 60 tombs and they have various structures. In addition, you can find something as simple as a large pit grave and a 120-chamber tomb complex. They were engraved with various rituals and beliefs at the time. This burial area is open to the public for tourists, it’s just not allowed to take pictures and touch anything that is there. The tourists are asked to walk slowly when entering the tomb in the Valley of the Kings.


Hurghada sea tourism object is a resort town on the Red Sea that is very famous in Egypt and is visited by many tourists who love snorkeling and diving. You can visit this city because it is known as a tourist destination for families. Apart from that, resorts and hotels also serve you in a friendly and family manner.

Besides having beautiful and enchanting natural scenery, this place also offers many fun activities such as sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, and other beach activities. Apart from that Hurghada is also the perfect place for shopping with an extraordinary nightlife. So you really feel pleasure if you are in this place.

Hurghada Sea

Hurghada is a city in Egypt located on the Red Sea which is popular for its beautiful sea and beaches. Hurghada has many high-class resorts, hotels, and luxury inns. Beaches in Hurghada have coral reefs that are considered the most beautiful in the world. Hurghada is the center of various water sports such as windsurfing, diving, sailing, and many more. Therefore, many tourists from abroad come on vacation to this place to spend their time.

Museum Mesir

If you visit this popular Egyptian Museum, you will see at least 120,000 ancient Egyptian antiquities, and is one of the main attractions of Cairo tourism. The museum has two main floors, the ground, and first floors. The ground floor has a large collection of coins and papyri used in the Ancient Egyptian era. Then, on the first floor, there are artifacts from the last two dynasties of Ancient Egypt and artifacts taken from the Valley of the Kings. Highlights of the museum include objects from the Royal Mummy Room and the Tomb of Tutankhamun.

Edfu shrine

The Edfu Temple tourist attraction is one of the largest tourist attractions in Egypt and was built as a center for worshiping the Gods Horus and Hathor of Dendera. If you visit this place, you will get information that every year, Edfu Temple often holds a sacred festival to worship the God Horus.

You need to know, this temple was built during the reign of Ptolemy III, then completed during the reign of Ptomely XII, namely in 57 BC. The location of the Edfu shrine is in the city of Edfu which was known as the Apollonopolis Magna in Greco-Roman times. Interestingly, this temple is also known as one of the best temples in terms of its preservation.

The Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza

The amazing tourist attraction in this picture is the Egyptian Pyramids. This tourist object is a historical building structure that still leaves many mysteries that have not been revealed. This Egyptian pyramid is included in the UNESCO world heritage list and is one of the seven wonders of the world. The pyramids were built as tombs to store the mummies of the ancient Egyptian kings. In every pyramid in Egypt, there is usually a Sphinx, which is a giant statue in the form of a lion with a human head which is believed to be the guardian of the tomb. There are more than 80 pyramids and sphinxes in Egypt, but the pyramids and sphinxes at Giza are the largest. So you are obliged to put this place on your list of tourist visits to Egypt. Happy holidays.

Alexandria City

Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt which has many historical relics and very beautiful natural scenery. If you come to this city, you will find a relic of the Roman Empire in Alexandria, namely The Great Lighthouse which was built when the Roman Empire ruled Egypt. The feel of this ancient Egyptian-style city is like in famous Hollywood films and has made it a favorite destination for foreign tourists.


This Karnak tourist spot is a former temple that is now only a ruin. During the Ancient Egyptian Civilization, Karnak became a place for people to perform rituals to worship the gods. If you visit this place, you can see the ruins of existing ancient buildings. In this building, it is estimated that there are as many as three main temples with a fairly large size and surrounded by many small shrines around it. Its beautiful and artistic shape makes this building more and more favored by many foreign tourists. If you are in this place, you will feel amazed by the shape of this beautiful building.

Ancient Egyptian palace

Your vacation to Egypt will not be complete if you don’t visit to this place. As you know, archaeologists discovered this Ancient Egyptian Palace in a royal temple south of Cairo, Egypt. The discovery was announced by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. The building was found adjacent to the Temple of Ramses II at the ancient site of Abydos, an important city that was home to the tombs of early ancient Egyptian pharaohs. So you must include this place in your list of tourist visits.

Egypt does have many interesting tourist attractions, so you have to arrange your trip to Egypt properly. So that you can see historical tourism objects and beautiful ancient buildings. If you come to this place, you will see the ruins of the ancient city of Abydos, which is located 482 kilometers south of Cairo, precisely in a desert west of the Nile River. The site was home to the royal necropolis, where pharaohs from the early dynasties — such as the Qaa of the first and Peribsen of the second — were buried. The city of Abydos also has several temples dedicated to important figures, including the god Osiris and Pharaoh Seti I.

Around 2025 BC to 1700 BC, the city became a major center of worship for the cult of Osiris. “This new discovery will certainly emphasize that Ramses II, like his father Seti, saw Abydos as the origin of royal power. The Egyptologists involved in the research discovered the fact that Ramses II needed a palace in Abydos, also revealing that he not only built a new shrine at that location but spent enough time there to warrant its needs.

If you arrive in Egypt you can listen to stories about Egypt firsthand. King Ramses II was known as Ramses the Great, or Ozymandias in Greek. He is thought to have reigned from 1279 BC to 1213 BC. As one of the most important rulers of ancient Egypt. Ramesses II led several successful campaigns to secure his territory in parts of the Levant. He built large temples such as the Ramesseum complex and left a number of cartouches on many of the existing monuments. For archaeologists, the newly discovered structures will greatly contribute to understanding the temples built during this period.

Mount Sinai

The last tourist object is Mount Sinai. This place is the highest peak in the city of Saint Katherine. Mount Sinai is visited by many local and foreign tourists who want to do spiritual tourism for Muslims and Christians. As is well known, Mount Sinai is the place where Moses received revelations in the form of the 10 commandments of God. That is what makes this place very popular in Egypt. So you have to include this place in your vacation visit list. So you know the history of Prophet Musa.


If you want to explore Egypt’s tourist objects, there are lots of them! Apart from the pyramids, there is another icon that is the pride of the city of Egypt, the Sphinx. The Sphinx is a large statue that has a unique shape. His head is that of a human and his body is that of a lion. The Sphinx is one of the largest statues in the world, carved from a single large boulder.

A number of researchers state that the Sphinx was made during the civilization of Ancient Egypt in the third millennium BC. The name Sphinx itself refers to a Greek mythological creature and the word sphinx in Greek means to strangle. So you should not miss visiting this one tourist object. Hopefully, your tour to Egypt can add to your knowledge and insight. Enjoy your holiday!

3. Conclusion

Those are some of the recommendations for beautiful tourist objects in Egypt that we recommend. But there are many more popular tourist attractions in Egypt that have not been visited by many tourists. Therefore, we want to share ideas with you to explore some beautiful tourist spots. For that, don’t forget to complete your holiday trip by following our review. Have a great holiday in the city of the Egyptian Pyramids.



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