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8 Most Beautiful Natural Wonders in Australia: for You A Nature Lovers – As a nature lover, you definitely like a cool trip. And also, a nature lover who often does stressful sports. Australia is a country that always spoils its tourists. Especially in terms of tourism and its dishes. In addition, this country has always featured places with stunning natural beauty. Apart from that, the typical dishes in this country also have a delicious taste. Therefore, we will provide a list of natural wonders in this country. The list has been summarized in an article entitled 8 Most Beautiful Natural Wonders in Australia: for You A Nature Lovers. Let’s discuss!

  1. Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

The first natural wonders in Australia is Kangaroo Island. Wonder always surrounds the animal environment on this island. Which of these animals are typical Australian animals. In addition, Kangaroo Island is surrounded by a dense forest as a habitat for animals. When you visit this island, you will find animals other than kangaroos. These animals include koalas, wombats, seals, and many more.

And also, when visiting Kangaroo Island you will feel like entering an amazing zoo. On the other hand, this island has exotic beaches that you must visit. On this beach is also decorated with some beautiful coral reefs. If you are interested in this, try to snorkel in this area of the island.

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  1. Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

The blue ocean is the main attraction for tourist destinations in this place. The atmosphere created is very natural and refreshing. Because marine life on the Great Barrier Reef is very abundant, as well as amazing marine life and cute aquatic animals. Before you come to this place, if you are lucky you will find whales and dolphins that are emerging on the surface.

You need to know, nature lovers who often visit this country, highly recommend the Great Barrier Reef. And also the tourists who visit here make this place the best dive site in the world. In addition, if you want to visit the Great Barrier Reef, come from August to late November.

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  1. Wave Rock, Perth

Wave Rock, Perth

Wavy ancient rock is a characteristic of Wave Rock tourist destinations. For the location of this place is not far from the city of Perth, and the estimated time taken from the city is approximately four hours. The ancient rock at Wave Rock contains granite. The granite has a fantastic selling price in this country. In addition, unfortunately, the granite cannot be mined or taken. Because this place has become a popular tourist destination in Australia. Therefore, come to Wave Rock in early September to early November. Because in that month Wave Rock will grow beautiful flowers.

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  1. Uluru, Northern Australia

Uluru, Northern Australia

The next natural wonders are not far from the discussion of places filled with rocks in Australia. Because in general this country is mostly filled with deserts, cliffs, and large rocks. You need to know, with this the country that used to be a vast ocean. Uluru must have been a great ocean too. Over time, Uluru became a beautiful desert. In addition, Uluru is a tourist destination filled with natural wonders. Even so, this place is a sacred boundary that is considered by local residents. If you are interested in visiting Uluru, don’t forget to take care of your behavior.

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  1. Kings Canyon, Northern Australia

Kings Canyon, Northern Australia

Kings Canyon is often called the Garden of Eden for nature lovers. How could it not be called the Garden of Eden, this place has a very clear spring. And also the springs are directly from the waterfalls in the Kings Canyon area. When you visit this place, you will pass a fairly complicated road. Because you will pass through a very dusty desert. However, when you arrive at this place you will be paid for it. Besides that, Kings Canyon itself many people call this place an oasis in the shape of a horseshoe. The spring in this place is in a cave with a very steep ravine. So, be careful if you want to visit the springs in Kings Canyon!

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  1. Horizontal Falls, Western Australia

Horizontal Falls, Western Australia

Horizontal Falls is a pair of waterfalls that have the same side. Often tourists also refer to this place as a charming twin waterfall. To reach this place you have to pass through Talbot Bay which is located in Western Australia. In addition, Horizontal Falls have unpredictable currents. If you are lucky when the current is calm you can see the amazing scenery in this area. Australia makes Horizontal Falls one of the must-visit natural wonders. On the other hand, if you are interested in air routes, you can simply rent a seaplane. Which you can see these natural wonders very clearly.

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  1. Aurora Australis, Tasmania

Aurora Australis, Tasmania

The next natural wonders in Australia is Aurora Australis. You can find natural charm with extraordinary skylight in this place. Aurora Australis is more precisely located in Tasmania making it an amazing tourist destination. In addition, the light that glows is also very varied, such as green, pink, purple, and red. To see the light of the aurora, it is enough to come to this country, you can pay for it. Oh yes, for the view on Aurora Australis directly facing Antarctica. In addition, this place has the best time of June to August.

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  1. Shark Bay World Heritage Area, Western Australia

Shark Bay World Heritage Area, Western Australia

The last natural wonders in Australia is the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. This place has been inaugurated by UNESCO as a historic site. In this place, you will find corals, marine animals, and much more. In addition, this place has become a nature reserve guarded by Australia. This place is also a place for the preservation of aquatic animals and coral reefs. You should visit some of the interesting places in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. The points of interest include Hamelin Pool and Shell Beach. Which will add knowledge in your natural wonders.

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Those discussions of the 8 Most Beautiful Natural Wonders in Australia: for You A Nature Lovers. Exploration in this country seems to be endless. For those of you who may be interested in this country, in fact, there are still many things to be explored. Things that tourists usually explore are the amazing hot springs. And also, you should try adventure sports in this country. Because when you try it, you will feel an extraordinary sensation. Hopefully with the list above you can visit it and can also create a moment in your life. Happy traveling!

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