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11 Delicious Netherlands Specialty Dishes for You Things to Eat Here – The Netherlands is an ideal tourist destination. The country, famous for its tulips and windmills, has a variety of tourist destinations. Starting from nature tourism, and cultural tourism to culinary tourism. If you are planning to travel to the Netherlands on this holiday, then you must try their specialties. Typical dishes from the Netherlands are diverse, of course, will not make you bored. In addition, the basic ingredients used in these dishes are also varied. Among other things, dishes are made from fish, meat, flour, and vegetables. In addition, typical Dutch cuisine also has its own time to eat it. Like, food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And the following is a discussion of 11 Delicious Netherlands Specialty Dishes for You Things to Eat Here!

  1. Bitterballen

Meatballs Bitterballen

The first specialty dishes in the Netherlands is bitterballen. This typical Dutch dish is dish that has been around since the 17th century. An early version of the bitterballen was introduced by Spanish explorers who settled in Amsterdam. After he peddled this dish, some Dutch people perfected it. Then in its development bitterballen became suitable for the tongue of the Dutch.

Bitterballen is made from ground beef and flour. Then, after being kneaded, the dough is shaped like a meatball, then seasoned. After it is round and seasoned, the dough is fried using a deep frying technique. Once cooked bitterballen is usually served with other snacks. And this bitterballen is included in the category of light snacks that can be eaten together with soft drinks. Bitterballen is perfect for you to eat after a big meal.

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  1. Herring

Fillets Fish Herring

If you are looking for a unique Dutch dish made from fresh fish, you must try herring. Herring is a typical Dutch dish made from fresh fish. The fresh fish used for this special dish is herring. Herring usually lives in the East Atlantic Ocean. This fish has a slender, elongated body and a rounded belly. At first glance, this fish is similar to mackerel. The nutritional content of herring is very much. Among other things, can make your daily nutritional needs met.

Dutch herring is usually served uniquely. Unique because this dish is served raw. This fish is usually served together with pickles and onions. So if you eat it, this typical Dutch dish doesn’t smell fishy and fresh. You can find this dish in May. Because in May a lot of herring is caught by fishermen in the Netherlands. Then you must try this special dish, because it is unique and nutritious.

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  1. Stroopwafel

Stroopwafel Netherlands

The next specialty dishes in the Netherlands are the stroopwafel. The Netherlands has a variety of their specialties that you can enjoy for breakfast. One of them is this delicious stroopwafel. This dish is shaped like a dry waffle which is also very crunchy. Stroopwafel is usually eaten with a splash of syrup, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Dutch people usually eat this food as breakfast. In addition, they also enjoy stroopwafel as a complementary food to ice cream, or as a dessert. This dish is very famous in the Netherlands. So, for those of you who want to try this dish, don’t worry because every place sells stroopwafel. If you are in Amsterdam you can buy it at street food vendors or street food.

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  1. Erwtensoep

Split Pea Soup Erwtensoep

Winter in the Netherlands will make you want to eat warm food, one of which is soup. In the Netherlands, you will find a wide variety of soups. One of those soups is Erwtensoep. This soup is made from peas. Softened peas that become like porridge with added vegetables, potatoes, and carrots. And also some restaurants serve this soup complete with beef, pork, or chicken, just choose according to your taste. This soup is favored by the Dutch for dinner in winter. In addition, the Dutch eat this soup when they have a fever or are not feeling well. By eating this soup the body temperature will stabilize again.

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  1. Poffertjes

Pancake Poffertjes

The next specialty dishes in the Netherlands are poffertjes. This one food is made from yeast plus wheat flour. This combination makes the texture of Poffertjes chewy. This dish is usually served with powdered sugar, also sprinkled with syrup and sliced fruit. Generally, poffertjes are sold in small sizes that are contained in paper to wrap them. You can find this Poffertjes anywhere in the Netherlands. This dish is a meal that you can eat for dessert or with a friend on a walk in the Netherlands. So, if you visit around street food, you must give it a try.

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  1. Stamppot

Rustic Potato Stamppot

If you visit the Netherlands, don’t forget this one dish. Yes, this food is called Stamppot. A dish of mashed potatoes that have been shaped round. This mashed potato is doused with a brown sauce called stamppot. Served with some vegetables cut into small pieces. These vegetables include sweet corn, beans, and carrots. And to make it more delicious given some beef. Besides beef, you can choose several other meats such as pork or chicken, according to your taste. Stamppot is usually served for a large meal with the family. In the Netherlands, you can buy this stamppot at restaurants or street food on the side of the road.

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  1. Gouda Cheese

Gouda Cheese

The next specialty dishes in the Netherlands is gouda cheese. This typical Dutch cuisine has been famous throughout the world. Gouda cheese means the name of the king of cheese. From the name you can conclude that this cheese is very delicious compared to other cheeses. Gouda cheese is made from cow’s milk fat at a rate of about 48%. In addition, Gouda cheese has several types that you can enjoy according to the age of fermentation.

Gouda cheese is young stage or called Jonge Kaas. This cheese has a shelf life of four weeks, so it contains less lactose. There is also a cheese called belegen kaas which is two months old. This cheese goes well with burgers and sandwiches. Then there are also belegen kaas with an older age. Older cheeses go well with fruit or grapes. You can get these cheeses in supermarkets or directly from the manufacturer. This cheese is usually sold in large round shapes with a dark yellow color.

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  1. Pannekoeken


Pancakes or in Dutch Pannekoeken are thin baked breads. This thin toasted bread is commonly eaten by the Dutch at breakfast. The Dutch used to eat this dish with sugar, honey, and syrup. However, if for lunch or a large meal, the Dutch often eat it with bacon, beef, or cheese. This food is very easy to find in supermarkets to street food. So, you don’t have to worry about running out of this pannekoeken.

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  1. Appeltaart


Another dessert food originating from the Netherlands is Appeltaart. Appeltaart is a pie filled with thinly sliced apples. This apple filling is combined with creamy custard cream. So that the combination adds to the crunch of the apples and the deliciousness of the custard cream, making it suitable for dessert. In addition, on top of this appeltaart there is a crunchy streusel dough. Also, in addition to the apple filling, this appeltaart usually contains raisins and cinnamon to add to the delicious aroma. It’s a food that is suitable for you to enjoy as a dessert.

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  1. Kroket


The next specialty dishes in the Netherlands are croquettes. If you want Dutch cuisine that is light but filling. You can try these delicious croquettes. These croquettes are made of meat rolled in bread, then coated with egg and breadcrumbs. These croquettes are fried in a lot of oil or deep frying technique. Croquettes can be filled with beef, pork, shrimp, or chicken. The meat filling can be adjusted to your liking. This croquette is usually used as a snack or snack in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, you can get these croquettes anywhere. In fact, you can find these croquettes at vending machines or in fast food restaurants.

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  1. Frikandel


The last specialty dishes in Netherlands is frikandel. Typical Dutch dishes are mostly cooked with deep frying techniques. One of these dishes is frikandel or sausage. Frikandel sausage is different from the others. This sausage is not covered with skin, so you can enjoy this sausage straight to the meat. You can choose the meat used according to your taste. Frikandel is usually served with sauce, mayonnaise, pickles and onions. If you enjoy this frikandel, you can add bread, just like a hot dog. In addition, you can get this frikandel to complement other foods such as stamppot and erwtensoep.

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Thus the discussion of 11 Delicious Netherlands Specialty Dishes for You Things to Eat Here. The Dutch are typical with their cuisine which is mostly fried. Not only fried, but they also have Dutch specialties. Because these dishes consist of various basic ingredients, therefore you can eat them according to your taste or your background. Some dishes can be eaten by all people and some cannot eat them because of different customs. So, we hope that with you visiting the Netherlands you can enjoy the cuisine of this country with a delicious taste. Enjoy your food!

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