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The Great Thrill of Dining at the 10 Best Restaurants and Bars in Seoul – After spending vacation time by visiting a restaurant or bar is the most appropriate thing. Moreover, you are on vacation to the capital city of South Korea, where there are several spots to spend your last time. In addition, to pass the time you can choose to relax or enjoy the special dishes of the place. Meanwhile, the typical dishes found in restaurants and bars are a must-try. As well as traditional dishes, dishes with spicy flavors, desserts to refreshing drinks. Therefore, it has been summarized in The Great Thrill of Dining at the 10 Best Restaurants and Bars in Seoul, let’s discuss these places one by one!

  1. Norang Jeogori

Norang Jeogori

The first restaurants and bars in Seoul are Norang Jeogori. A simple place is an attraction for tourists who want to enjoy a simple dish too. This restaurant is also one of the simple places that you must visit. Why should you visit, because Norang Jeogori is a table restaurant that is similar to Japan. With it, you can also eat at a small table directly facing the kitchen. Meanwhile, Norang Jeogori is a restaurant that is very popular with foreign tourists. When you enter this restaurant, you will enjoy the enjoyment of the typical dishes of this restaurant itself. Traditional dishes are a must-try at this place. Then, the menu offered at this restaurant includes seafood, nuts, and meat dishes.

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  1. Goraebul

Goraebul Restaurant

If you are looking for a restaurant with a comfortable and quiet atmosphere, Goraebul is the right choice. Because this place is located in the Gangnam district which is famous for its convenience. In addition, Goraebul has a supply of fresh fish from an area that is very famous for its catch, namely Gyeongsang. The seafood served in this restaurant is of high quality. Therefore, you must try the seafood available at this restaurant. With this, you will feel the delicacy that will satisfy your tongue. In addition, from the convenience of this restaurant you will be offered a booth for couples who are visiting this restaurant. So, schedule your vacation to visit one of these unique restaurants.

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  1. Alice Cheongdam

Alice Cheongdam

The next restraurants and bars in Seoul are Alice Cheongdam. Aspects of beauty and luxury are things that can be found in one of the popular bars in Seoul. Alice Cheongdam is a bar frequented by tourists who like refreshing drinks. Drinks offered at this bar such as juices, mocktails, to cocktails. With this, the tourists who are visiting this bar feel something extraordinary in every drink they serve. In addition, the atmosphere offered to Alice Cheongdam is very comfortable to relax. What’s more, you can also find typical drinks from this country as well. So, after you finish visiting several tourist destinations in Seoul, Alice Cheongdam is the right place to unwind.

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  1. Hongik Sutbul Galbi

Hongik Sutbul Galbi

A visit to South Korea is incomplete if you don’t taste the BBQ meat dish. Hongik Sutbul Galbi is the right place to enjoy this dish. In addition, this restaurant is quite popular among young South Koreans, especially in the capital area. The most reliable main menu of this BBQ restaurant is beef ribs which local people often call it galbi. For the manufacturing process of processed beef ribs uses traditional tools and materials, namely using a charcoal stove. From the manufacturing process, it also makes the taste of the beef ribs very authentic and delicious. And the fact is that from this place everyone who passes by this restaurant will smell the appetizing aroma of grilled meat. Therefore, if you are interested in this restaurant, you will feel it too.

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  1. Busan Sikdang

Busan Sikdang

The next restaurants and bars in Seoul are Busan Sikdang. Some people are tired of the hustle and bustle of the capital city, Busan Sikdang is a traditional South Korean restaurant that will soothe you here. Then enjoy a simple typical menu dish that will add to your comfort. The dish that you must try at this restaurant is processed seafood which is famous for its freshness. Therefore, visiting this restaurant will create an experience that you will not forget. In addition, the soup served at Busan Sikdang will also neutralize your taste buds after eating the main dishes.

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  1. The Timber House

The Timber House

The classic feel is one of the most highlighted things from The Timber House. Then the wood accents also add to this aspect. However, that’s not all, the drinks that are offered to you have the characteristics of this country. In addition, this bar is often used as a place for rich people to gather. Because of this, it is very visible from the atmosphere of The Timber House. Moreover, the music playing is very soothing for your soul, if you are interested in one of these authentic bars. The genre of music played is usually the jazz genre. Jazz music makes this place very comfortable to visit.

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  1. Mongmyeok Sanbang

Mongmyeok Sanbang

The next restaurants and bars in Seoul are Mongmyeok Sanbang. If you are visiting Mount Namsan, you will find a food stall that serves delicious dishes. This is where with a place in the highlands this place is very often visited by foreign tourists. Especially for those of you who are very interested in the highlands, the food stall Mongmyeok Sanbang is a must-visit. In addition, the menu offered by this place is very varied. So, you can choose the South Korean food you like from Mongmyeok Sanbang.

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  1. Pierre Gagnaire a Seoul

Pierre Gagnaire a Seoul

Restaurants with natural views are a tourist attractions. Pierre Gagnaire a Seoul is a restaurant that offers this for you to visit. When you visit this restaurant, you will be shown a direct view of the Bukhan Mountains. Besides that, what is rarely found in any restaurant is the location of the room which is divided into 4. And the 4 rooms have different levels of privacy. So, adjust your position or seat to eat classy dishes from one of these luxurious places. The artistic French style makes this place very elegant.

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  1. Tosokchon

Tosokchon Traditional Restaurant

The next restaurants and bars in Seoul are Tosokchon. When you visit this popular food stall in Seoul, you have to be willing to queue. Because of the extraordinary taste of the food and also this moment you can’t forget. The mainstay of the Tosokchon shop is the spicy and sweet chicken. If you are visiting this food stall, don’t forget to order one of the mainstay menus. Not only that, the menu that you should try is grilled chicken with its special spices. Moreover, when you visit Seoul in the summer, Tosokchon food stalls will feel complete. Because this shop has a different taste in that season.

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  1. Taegeukdang Bakery

Taegeukdang Bakery

The last restaurants and bars in Seoul are Taegeukdang Bakery. Pastries are the right gifts for you to give to those closest to you. This bakery is a popular one in the center of the nation’s capital. Taegeukdang Bakery has variants of processed bread from traditional to modern which have been developed to date. Moreover, this bakery is arguably one of the longest compared to other bakeries. Therefore, you must try the breads found at Taegeukdang Bakery. In addition, when you enter this place, you will be presented with very unique old-school ornaments. So, schedule your vacation time to visit the most popular bakery in Seoul.

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Thus the discussion of The Great Thrill of Dining at the 10 Best Restaurants and Bars in Seoul. South Korea or more precisely in the capital city of Seoul is a city filled with extraordinary tourist destinations. Like cultural places, nature destinations, and many more activities that you can do here. Moreover, these things are also closely related to the original culture of this country. This is where you can feel an extraordinary experience after participating in festivals and events held in this country. Hopefully, with this list of restaurants and bars, you can choose which place suits you, relax or enjoy the food. Happy traveling!

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