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11 Mouth-Watering Simple French Desserts – You Must Try it! – France is a country that is often in the spotlight of the world in the culinary world. And one of them that is often in the spotlight of the world is the main dish. However, it is not only the traditional dishes that are in the spotlight of the world. Instead, desserts are often the target of culinary connoisseurs. Moreover, this country has some very global desserts, such as macarons, croissants, and many more. Therefore, we will provide a list of some of the desserts in the country. Which has been summarized in 11 Mouth-Watering Simple French Desserts – You Must Try it! Here’s a discussion of a simple French dessert!

  1. Crème Brulee

Crème Brulee Delicious

The first simple French desserts is crème brulee. The softness of the blend of caramel with milk is the right combination for the dessert. Crème brulee is a delicious dessert after the main course. This is where this dessert will fill your mouth with a mixture of milk and caramel. Also, the caramel on the crème brulee makes it all the more appealing to tourists. What’s more, the most exciting thing about this dessert is cracking the top of the caramel. In addition, you can find crème brulee in nearby restaurants in the country.

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  1. Madeleine

Madeleine Shape Clams

When you first see this one dessert, it is almost similar to a cupcake. Yes, tourists who are visiting this country often misunderstand this. With this, we provide this information for you. Meanwhile, the shape of this dessert is very similar to that of clams. Therefore, madeleine is very unique in the form of presentation. Moreover, this dessert has several flavors such as matcha, chocolate, and red velvet. This is where this dessert is very popular with young people in this country. In addition, you can also add some toppings on top of the madeleine. You can add powdered sugar madeleine toppings, almonds, and much more.

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  1. Macaron

Macaroon Popular Dessert

Who does not know the most popular French simple desserts on this one. For almost decades, macaron has become the most popular dessert in the world. However, this dessert has been known for quite a long time on the European continent. Meanwhile, in serving this dessert, it has a variety of flavors and is colorful. Which is the main attraction for children to eat this dessert. In addition, the manufacture of macarons is quite complicated. Because this dessert has quite a lot of ingredients. Then after the macaron uses the method of cooking in the oven. After that, this dessert is neatly arranged in the display case or entered into the menu at any restaurant or bakery.

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  1. Kouglof

Kouglof Dessert Cake

The next simple French dessert is kouglof. Before Christmas, this dessert is sure to be served in every restaurant or bakery in this country. Because this one dessert is a must-have on the day of the celebration. However, this cake which looks almost similar to sponge cake has a sweet taste that you have never found in any dessert. Therefore, if you are interested in this one dessert, you must visit this country on the day of the celebration. In addition, kouglof has a soft texture and is sprinkled with powdered sugar which makes this dessert appetizing. However, you can add in addition to the refined sugar, you can add such as grated chocolate, raisins, and many more.

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  1. Rousquilles

Rousquilles is Donut French

In parts of the European continent, donut dessert has several variants. In the country has a donut variant named rousquilles. Rousquilles are a dessert that you can only find in France. Besides that, what sets other donuts apart, this dessert has its own characteristic, namely thick icing. However, you don’t need to worry about that, because rousquilles have a combination of sugar and milk. Therefore, when you order this dessert, you will feel the combination, which will create a delicious taste. In addition, the texture of this dessert is very soft and creamy.

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  1. Meringue

Meringue Cream Cookies

In the process of making the right dessert makes a delicious dish. One of these simple French desserts has a texture that is quite hard when bitten. However, when it reaches your mouth, you just feel the delicacy. Besides that, meringue has almost the same ingredients as a macaron. The difference between meringue and macaron is the process of making it. The hard cream on the meringue is the main attraction in attracting tourists who are visiting this country. In addition, you can choose a cream filling or add toppings on top of the meringue.

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  1. Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

The next simple French dessert is chocolate mousse. From several bakeries around the world, they definitely provide this one dessert. Chocolate mousse is a dessert that is very popular all over the world. Meanwhile, making this dessert is very simple. In the process of making this dish, it has quite premium ingredients. This is what makes chocolate mousse popular with people. Moreover, in terms of appearance, this dessert is very tempting because of the melted chocolate. For those of you who are fans of chocolate-based food, we highly recommend this dessert for you to try.

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  1. Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin with Tropical Fruits

Tropical fruits combined with a soft tart is the perfect combination for dessert. Tarte tatin is a dessert that you must try when you visit this country. Because this dessert you will often find anywhere, and most often you find it in the nearest bakery. Glittering frozen caramel makes this dessert a favorite of tourists on vacation to France.

Slice of Tarte Tatin

Not only that, you have to be prepared to queue in this one dessert hunt. In addition, the ingredients used to make tarte tatin use the best ingredients. And also, in the manufacture of frozen caramel also requires caution. Therefore, if you are interested in this one dessert, don’t forget to stir it all the way down. Which is where the combination of fresh fruit with sweet caramel will appear in your mouth.

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  1. Strawberry Savarin

Strawberry Savarin

The freshness of the strawberry makes your mouth return to normal. Moreover, this one dessert has a combination of other tropical fruits, namely blackberrys and oranges. Strawberry savarin will really wiggle your tongue in a few moments. In addition, this dessert has a ring-shaped mold, but there is a hollow in the middle. From this, it is typical of the dessert strawberry savarin. After that, savarin is soaked in chocolate syrup until it expands. Then, in the middle basin above it will be given a cream. Which will beautify the presentation of strawberry savarin.

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  1. Parfait

Parfait Same Like Ice Cream

The next simple French desserts is the parfait. Eating dessert is a must when visiting this country. Especially if you are on vacation in this country, don’t miss the delicious dessert. Parfait is a dessert that we highly recommend for you. Moreover, the softness of the cream in this dessert is very appetizing. When you order this don’t mistake this dessert for ice cream. Because this dish is a blend of whipped cream, sugar, and egg yolks that are solidified.

Parfait Seafood

Meanwhile, on top of the parfait, you can add almonds, cashews, and various tropical fruits. This is where when you add it to the parfait you will feel an extraordinary thing in your mouth. Moreover, in the past few years, the dish is made in several versions, namely savory. This is where you can enjoy this dish with a variety of seafood, and the most frequently ordered by tourists is the shrimp parfait in a savory variant.

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  1. Canelé

Piece of Dessert Canelé

The last simple French desserts is Canelé. When you are having breakfast in this country, you will often be served with this one dessert. Because canelé is the right dessert to be enjoyed in the morning. Although, this small form has a great taste. If you really want to enjoy this dessert, you can simply visit the nearest cake shops in this country. Especially in the city of Bordeaux, France, this dish is a typical dessert in the city. And in that city, canelé is one of the must-try desserts in the city. In addition, this dessert is served with hot beverages, as well as tea and coffee.

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Thus the discussion of 11 Mouth-Watering Simple French Desserts – You Must Try it! In the culinary world, desserts certainly create a freshness in our mouths. Which from the list of desserts above you can adjust to your taste. Moreover, every tourist who is on vacation in this country will never forget the delicious taste of the dessert. Therefore, we hope you will be able to taste the desserts on this list. And also, you do not forget the pleasure of taste in every bite. Have a nice dessert!

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