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Mouthwatering Erzurum Cağ Kebab The Taste Of The Original Turkish Kebab

Foodntravelling.com – Kebab is the pride of Turkey! We cannot deny Turkish kebab is one of the most well-known kebabs all around the world. The meat dish that wraps with bread, herbs, and vegetables to be the delicious fast-food Mediterranean and Turkish style. Talking about Turkey, this country is gifted with tons of cultural heritage. Also, we can find a lot of great architectural buildings from the past, especially the Medieval age. Let says one of the most iconic tourist attraction in Istanbul, Hagia Sophia that has so many histories behind it. Turkey becoming one of the most successful countries that attract a lot of people to come every year!

Promoting the tourism sector, Turkey is also successful in introducing its local food to many people around the globe! One of the most well-known Turkish food is definitely kebab! There are lots of kebab types coming from different regions in Turkey. For such the smooth ground lamb kebab from Adana province called Adana kebab, Iskender kebab from Bursa. And now what we are going to discuss is Cağ Kebab from the Erzurum region. This legendary Cağ Kebab which the original Turkish kebab made of history!

In this writing, we will be sharing with you how delicious and mouthwatering Cağ Kebab is! Learning about the food means you learn about the culture and history where that food is coming from. Eating delicious food by knowing the history behind it, is the best experience you can get by traveling!

The Beautiful Medieval Landmark in Erzurum, Turkey!

Beautiful Erzurum castle in Turkey

When you are looking to see some of the best Medieval architecture styles, you must visit Turkey! This country will make you amazed at how the great Medieval architecture style that looks so sturdy and well-kept for hundreds of years till now and then. After you are exploring some of the best Istanbul’s famous attractions, there is nothing wrong to visit another region of Anatolia land! The Erzurum province is located in eastern Anatolia (Turkey). The beautiful landscape of this city will give you another sight of visiting Turkey. The green landscapes and top Medieval building, bring us the memory of the real Medieval time and setting era! You can see the beautiful highlands through the Erzurum castle!

Great medieval architecture building of Erzurum castle

There is something we will remain about the medieval architecture style, it’s bold in the stone and brick structure building! When the Roman empire was having invasion in Anatolia region. They built a lot of great architectural buildings made from stone. The characteristic of medieval architecture looks so sturdy and ancient. Look at this beautiful Medieval castle style, made from stone and brick still well-kept currently throughout many years!

Mouthwatering Erzurum Cağ Kebab

mouthwatering cag kebab

We were talking about the beautiful city and its remarkable site in Erzurum province. As we alluded to earlier, learning a new culture, unfold new places, and eating delicious food like local, is a priceless moment while traveling to new places! Actually, the main idea to be shared with you at this moment is to introduce the original and mouthwatering Turkish kebab. The Cağ Kebab originally comes from Erzurum province, date back to the 11th and 12th century where this type of kebab so famous since the Ottoman empire. The lamb meat mix with its fat grilled over the horizontal spit and slice into perfect charred edges and tender inside. You will love the grilling meat of Turkey, cause they are awesome!

Delicious Turkish lamb platter Cağ Kebab style!

Delicious platter of Cağ Kebab style

When you come to Turkey and visit some regions in the Ottoman land. You do not wanna miss eating the original Turkish kebab, Cağ Kebab style! What is Cağ Kebab and what makes it different from another kebab in Turkey? Well, as we had spoken a lot, this kebab is from the province of Erzurum, Turkey. This kebab is made from lamb meat and grilled over the fire, keep it nice and hot on the horizontal spit.

The Cağ Kebab is made from the perfect ratio of lamb meat and fat. So, it remains juicy and tender at the same time. This is not typically too tender meat, you can feel the little bit chewy meat, but when it combines with the perfect ratio of fat. This lamb dish is remarkably good! The meat is seasoned with salt and maybe some spices and then rolled onto the horizontal spit. When the fire touches the meat and fat, the juices will come from the lamb fat, and the perfect charred meat gathers perfectly! The chef will slice the best-charred meat onto the skewer and directly served it onto your plate. In addition, they will give you a few flatbreads to wrap your lamb kebab. There are also fresh salad and a kind of rough chili paste texture, not to forget the charred green chilies complement this wonderful dish!

You can spread your flatbread and then pull off the meat from the skewer, and then topped with smokes green chili, onions, chili paste, and salad. Then wraps your beautiful consistency of Cağ Kebab style and just bite it. You will taste the smoky aroma of the grilled lamb meat combine with some fresh herbs and vegetables that wrap in thin bread, you will never forget this Turkish kebab taste!

Where to eat the best Cağ Kebab in Istanbul

Famous sehzade Cağ Kebab in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most visited cities in Europe. There is an abundance of cool tourist attractions in Istanbul! To complement your journey in this beautiful city, you can also find lots of delicious food throughout the streets! Figuring out where is the best place to eat Cağ Kebab where you are in Istanbul, there is nothing wrong to lead your way to the Sirkeci region, part of Istanbul. The Sehzade Erzurum Cağ Kebab is a popular restaurant serving Cağ Kebab throughout Istanbul. This place is well-known for all locals and among travelers! So, do not wanna miss to visit this restaurant and taste the best Cağ Kebab in your mouth!

There are many people waiting in line for having this kebab in this restaurant. So, we can eat this kebab right in the restaurant, there is some sharing table seat where you can enjoy your meal or you can have a takeaway to eat your kebab in another place. The meat is salty and we guarantee you will not smell the strong lamb aroma when you have this. The meat is tender and juicy at the same time, wrap in the thin flatbread with some fresh herbs and vegetables, you will definitely love the Turkish grilling meat style! They are awesome!

Drinking Turkish yoghurt to complement your meal!

Turkish ayran

After having the best Cağ Kebab, you can complement your meal and washed down the meaty aroma in your mouth by drinking Turkish ayran. It is the type of Turkish yoghurt made from fresh milk, salt, and some amount of water. The taste of the ayran is slightly salty and sour. You can also order ayran in Sehzade kebab restaurant, they will bring it to you!


Turkey is blessed with an abundance of mesmerizing historic sites. Each city in the Anatolia region offers its own beauty and famous tourist attraction that is much worth visiting! Moving on to the eastern side of the Anatolia region, we can visit the beautiful city called Erzurum. There is a beautiful Medieval architecture style, the Erzurum castle. Enjoy the beautiful hilly landscape around this castle! One of the top food coming from this region is Cağ Kebab. The original Turkish kebab style that serves the grilled lamb meat cook over the horizontal spit. They will slice the perfect charred meat and complement it with thin bread to wrap your meat. In addition, the fresh herbs and vegetables make this kebab taste even rich!

We hope you enjoy some sort of Cağ Kebab information and the place to eat this kebab in Istanbul. So, don’t wanna miss the mouthwatering Erzurum Cağ Kebab style whenever you travel to Turkey. They are dangerously delicious that satisfy your taste buds!

Hello everyone! It's Ivon, a food lover here. I will be sharing with you some of the best street food and world top culinary that pack with outstanding travel guides and the best destination to visit around the world. Hope you enjoy it!


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