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Istanbul Travel Guide – Everything To Know About Things To Do In Istanbul – Many people come to this beautiful, ancient, metropolis city, Istanbul all year round. Traveling without any plan might be a good choice for some, having an unexpected trip could be a joy. But, if you are going to have your first trip abroad, travel guidance is a must-have before you go! It will make your first journey feel easier, far from the rush, and know some culture and rules of the place you will visit. So, it is quite important to have compact travel guidance.

When you are going to take the first trip abroad to Istanbul. Don’t so worry about it and just chill, because here will be sharing an ultimate Istanbul travel guide. Everything to know about things to do and when to go to Istanbul, we will peel off all for you! We hope it could help you to travel feel free and not in a rush. Unfold the beauty of this lovely city and everything to know about things to do in Istanbul!

When to visit Istanbul?

Traveling around the summer season is indeed such a pleasure. But, visiting Istanbul around June-August is considered the peak season. So, I think, it is not the best time to enjoy the beauty of Istanbul. The destination place will be full of tourists and accommodations’ prices where you stay in the hotel will jack up in this season. You better visit Istanbul around September, and the hotel prizes will back to normal which will save your wallet! At least there are two best times when to visit Istanbul all year round. It is in May! When the peak season of Spring people usually come to travel in April, we can initiate to come in May! Don’t worry, we still have a beautiful view of the blooming season in May too! Seeing the tulips festival in Istanbul in May is a pretty good idea!

If you want to travel on a low budget, we recommend you not to go on the peak season for such summer, around June to August, and the new year holiday. We found September and May are the best time to visit this historic city, Istanbul! The benefit of visiting Istanbul in the low season is that you have plenty good deal of hotel prizes, museum access, and enjoy good weather. In addition, you will have the privilege of enjoying the beauty of Istanbul with fewer tourists! Sometimes, it’s pretty hot when it comes to the peak summer season in Istanbul. That will make your trip slightly uncomfortable in that weather, isn’t it?

How to get to the heart of the city from the Airport!

The bus from Istanbul airport to the heart of the city

We can’t deny the easy access and having such good transportation while traveling abroad that makes us convenient during the trip. When you come to Istanbul, you will have that! After you landed in the International airport of Istanbul. There is always be a bus that ready to take you to the heart of the city. The bus will come every 30 minutes. We think taking the bus from the airport is a good deal. It’s fast, cheap, and comfortable too! Besides, take the bus, there is another transportation option that will bring you to the heart of the city. There are always will be some taxis or you can take a metro. It depends on your choice, but we think taking the bus is the best choice to get to the main part of Istanbul!

Enjoying Istanbul Tour

As a major city all around Turkey and an important part of the Mediterranean area. There are a few ways we can take to enjoy the cityscape. Here are a few choices you can take to unfold the journey in ancient Constantinople!

Enjoying the city by walking

enjoying Istanbul trip by walking

Like many other major cities in Europe, transportation is pretty easy. And the way of the destination place interconnected to each other. In Istanbul, it’s a very walkable city, you can walk enjoy to the beauty of Hagia Sophia and then walk a little bit after that you will reach the blue mosque. After visiting the historical sites in this city, you can also walk to shops or hang out in the cool cafes all around Istiklal street. You can also walk straight to the grand bazaar to see some Turkish antiques to bring back home as souvenirs. All, the way interconnected to each other in the pretty near area. So, one of the highlights of visiting Istanbul, is that we can happily right our way by walking on the street!

Taking a metro

Taking the metro in Istanbul

Another easy way to explore Istanbul is by taking a metro. It’s fast and efficient to carry you to another part of Istanbul. And the good thing is taking the metro in Istanbul will not drain your wallet too! It’s pretty safe for your budget and very comfortable!

Across the Bosphorus strait by a ferry

Go to the Asian side of Istanbul by a Ferry

When you have a chance to visit Istanbul, make sure you visit both the European and Asian sides of Istanbul! Both are awesome and has the different scenic view. You will find the Asian side are pretty colorful. The street is decorated well with plenty of colors. So, if you were on the European side and you wanna cross the Bosphorus strait and jump into the Asian side. You can take a ferry, the access is pretty easy and the ferry is always available to take passengers from both the European side to the Asian side or vice versa! Taking a ferry also offers you a great view of Istanbul over the Bosphorus strait!

Best things to do in 3 days in Istanbul

if you have a tight traveling time and should be back home. We think spending 3 days in Istanbul is still worth enjoying everything the city has to offer! Here we will guide you to plan your 3 days trips to Istanbul. Check out the must-visit destinations from both sides of Istanbul. European and Asian sides of Istanbul. Then wraps up your journey by having a good meal in the Asian side of Istanbul!

Things to do on the first day

hagia Sophia Istanbul, Turkey

When you just arrived from the airport, just take a little bit of rest in your booked accommodation to recharge your energy to explore the first day in Istanbul! Staring at the Hagia Sophia and wonder at the great medieval age architecture. There are some Christian orthodox decorate over the domes. Hagia Sophia is the wonder of a Turkish landmark, layer upon layer of history has been attached to this building. It was aiming as the orthodox church and then converted as the mosque, to be a museum, and now back to be a mosque. You have come to visit this Istanbul landmark!

The blue mosque Istanbul Turkey

After you visit the Hagia Sophia, then you can walk a little bit across it you will find the Blue Mosque. Located in the same area, so you can visit both Hagia Sophia at the same time. The Blue mosque is the imperial mosque that was built around the 17th century by the Ottoman empire. Since the Ottoman empire succeeds defeat Roman Empire. They automatically changed the name of Constantinople to be Istanbul! They ruled all around Turkey for a few centuries until it becomes the Republic of Turkey as we all know now!

Istanbul has a strategic place that connects the Asian and European continents, straddled by the Bosphorus strait. Makes this city contested since time immemorial. The Greekever ruled this city and called Byzantium, and then over the Roman empire hand this city called Constantinople, and then the Ottoman empire success taking Constantinople for Turkish. And at that time, Constantinople converted to be Istanbul! Can you imagine the layer upon layer upon the history that Istanbul had? It is gifted with dozens of beautiful and historical buildings over the ancient era! And now, they are still well-preserved, so we can adore and learn the history by vising the old building in Istanbul! The Blue mosque is the imperial mosque worth visiting. The Blue tiles, ancient chandelier, and red carpet are so beautiful inside!

Travel to Istanbul visiting Topkapi palace

On the first day of your trip, you can maximize the trip by visiting the most well-known landmark in the European side of Istanbul. After visiting Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. You can move around to the Topkapi Palace. We can see this museum that preserved the Palace of the Ottoman empire. The sultan has his family live at this palace, when you come inside, you will see the large courtyard that is divided into different sections. You have the privilege to see and explore all courtyards and imagining the sultan had lived in this palace for so many years ago!

water drainage of Constantinople, the Basilica cistern

After we have a tour visiting some well-known Istanbul historical landmarks. Now, we can maximize our tour on the first day, by visiting the Basilica cistern. When the Roman empire reign Constantinople, they build some amazing underground cisterns in Istanbul. The Basilica cistern is the biggest and the oldest cistern, it was aiming as the water drainage. It controls the water volume around the holy place, Hagia Sophia. Constructed with lots of giant columns, it is so sturdy and as we can some craving on the column. It is such a great piece of work the Roman empire has left for Istanbul! Now, the Basilica cistern aim as a museum, you can buy a ticket to enter this underground cistern. This will complete your journey on the first day of exploring the European side of Istanbul!

Best thing to do on the second day in Istanbul

fishing like a local In Galata bridge

After you have a tiring day exploring the European side of Istanbul. Now, let’s take a good time and chill out! Go fishing with some locals or even just seeing the Bosphorus strait over the Galata bridge is a good idea! Being relaxed and lowkey to enjoy your trip in Istanbul is something relatable!

360 view over Galata tower

After you enjoyed hangout on the Galata bridge with some locals. We recommend you go up the hill, next to the Galata district to visit the Galata tower. It was the tallest building in Istanbul, and we guarantee you will have a 360 view of Istanbul over this Galata tower! Spending the day and enjoy the meal, wraps up by seeing the beautiful sunset over the Galata tower is remarkable! It is very pictures and instagrammable. Take a picture over the Galata tower at sunset and bring this sweet memory back home, this will remind your good trips to Istanbul!

The third day to do in Istanbul

Taking a ferry accross the Bosphorus strait of Istanbul

After having a full tour of the European side of Istanbul. Let’s across the Bosphorus Strait from the European side head up to the Asian side. It’s time to enjoy a good meal on the Asian side. After you take a ferry and then you can go to the traditional fish and green market in Kadikoy.

Kadikoy market Asian side of Istanbul

It’s a great deal to have a big feast in the Asian side of Istanbul. Commonly, the food was more expensive on the European side. So, it’s worth spending the last day and eat a good meal on the Asian side! After you take off the ferry, you can go to the Kadikoy market, it’s not far from the port where we took up the ferry. In this market, we will find lots and lots of fish, fresh produce, some fruits with good prizes! Cherries are so good in Istanbul, they are so plump and juicy, and sweet, they cost around 8-12 TL, when you come to Kadikoy market, just come to the fruit stall and eat Turkish cherries, they are so good tho!

After eating some delicious Turkish food and visiting the fresh market, Kadikoy market, we can head up back to the European side, and back to our accommodation before leaving Istanbul! So, that is all the ultimate guide to have 3 days trip to Istanbul. You can enjoy both the European and Asian sides in Istanbul on such a tight trip day!

Internet access in Istanbul as a tourist

There are some internet major providers that will offer you some internet packages. But, our decision must come to the Turkcell Tourist Welcome Package. You can buy internet access by using your own phone number without buying a Turkish card cell number. They will open the access internet for you with your local number. So, you can choose the internet data package based on your needs. So, you can browse and find some sort of information access through your phone!

Is that travel to Istanbul is safe?

Istanbul is one of the most friendly touristy cities in the world. The transportation to the main attraction is quite easy. The hospitable local people will welcome you so warm. It is safe to say that Istanbul is pretty safe to travel, especially if you are a solo female traveler. Don’t doubt it, traveling to Istanbul is quite comfortable for you! But still, we have to take care of our goods and stuff everywhere we travel to. Especially, if you are going to the tight shopping center for such the Grand bazaar. You have to carry your bag in front of you and take care of your goods. It’s a way to prevent you from theft!


Thus are the compact guide for those who want to travel to Istanbul. Completed with the most major tourist attractions in Istanbul. To have the complete 3 days things to do in Istanbul. This could be a simple itinerary when you come to Istanbul for 3 days. We hope you enjoy our Istanbul travel guide so you could be more relaxed and comfortable while traveling in Istanbul!

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